Super Sentai Strongest Battle Week 1: Who Is The Strongest In History?

Well, I thought I would want to actually just summarize everything after four weeks for last since this is NOT a news blog. Instead, I decided to focus on the four-part series episodes on which would end the Heisei era of Super Sentai soon. If we're going to end it then let's end it with a BANG! We have Naruhisa Arakawa as the writer (though I'm afraid he's already hitting Burnout Ville soon) and Koichi Sakamoto (and maybe, secretly Michael Bay) as the head director of this mini-series. Now I advise you to get your Super Robot Wars vibes on first and maybe sing "Hagane No Messiah" or "Steel Messiah" before watching the show at your pace. Having it weekly gives me time to review it episode by episode in contrast to me marathoning old school Super Sentai series!

The beginning starts with the Gokaigers appearing (though only Marvelous' actor Ryota Ozawa appears here) fighting a new mysterious warrior known as Gaisorg. This has me wanting to play Dragon Quest's main theme or the battle theme as this enters. I'm getting Dragon Quest vibes with Gaisorg's appearance one way or another. I'm even wondering is Akira Toriyama (the guy behind Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Quest's art) involved with Super Sentai now?

Right now, I wonder though how many multiverses are there anyway? It's obvious that when you do watch some more old school Super Sentai -- you will realize that many of the events will tell you most Super Sentai series are standalone. That's how Toei also treated its Super Robot Anime such as how Combattler V, Voltes V, Golion and Dairugger XV are all separate universes. So for some strange reason -- Keiichiro enters into the contest with a golden ticket. A girl named Rita invites him to Planet Nemesis. Wait, wasn't the name of the planetoid where Bandora got caught in well.. NEMESIS?! Anyway, this looks like it's not the same Planet Nemesis we had in Zyuranger but I guess newer Super Sentai fans wouldn't care too much about old school Super Sentai! Not that I'm complaining because there's that huge generation gap. It may explain why I still prefer older Super Sentai (while I can watch newer series) while the new generation just can't adjust to what I like better.

The various teams are gathered though too bad NOT everyone can be there. Constraints like old age, busy schedules and whatever -- it's understandable. So I wonder why aren't we getting a video game instead of a mini-series? Celebrities grow old but characters don't unless the writers decide to do so. I just wonder why isn't that the Super Robot Wars series still has some old school mecha Anime but we aren't we having Super Hero Taisen as a video game series instead? Hmmm do non-Japanese speakers a favor and please make an English translation like the latest Super Robot Wars games?! 

This is a grand competition where the winning teams will get a piece of a gem. I just have my suspicion that this Rita could be a villain working for the Druidon for all we know. Appearance-wise, she has the Dragon Quest-inspired outfit. So I wonder what's the Nemesis Palace anyway? I do suspect that it would be a location in the upcoming series Ryuusoulger? Why do I feel that she's a minion of Druidon and that she actually wants to destroy all Super Sentai from 1975 up to 2018?

There's a couple of fights that are merely friendly matches. I was cheering on for Patren-1 because he's my favorite in Lupinranger vs. Patranger. However, it's Zyuoh Red who won. I feel this is a bit of what I'd call a clash of Junko Komura's two Super Sentai headwriting projects. IMHO, Lupinranger vs. Patranger is the superior series. Remember when Super Sentai really sank in its ratings during its 40th anniversary? Yet, it's Zyuoh Eagle who moved foward. I suspect actor Kousei Yuki has no intention of staying for the whole four-part mini series!

Just then, Druidon appears to cause havoc. Why do I suspect that this tournament is actually a plot to destroy all of Super Sentai? I'm reminded of that fake tournament in Hikari Sentai Maskman. I just have the bad vibes going on. TBH, I'd be very disappointed if the tournament wasn't a fake tournament to destroy Super Sentai -- because that would make the victory of Super Sentai even sweeter! I admit, the battles feel like Bay is secretly involved!

Now, we are getting a sneak peak of Ryuusoul Green and Ryuusoul Black in suit. No signs of the actors in action yet. So what's their mission here? Is Ryuusoulger meant to be introduced through a four-part mini series or what? Is it meant to hand the torch to say that the Heisei era is coming to an end?

I just feel like the staff involved is trolling the audience right now...