My Thoughts And Whacked Up Predictions For Ryusoulger Based On Today's Updates

Ukiyaseed has given some rather reliable information and sources. While I normally don't like giving updates and would rather give my opinion about them -- I did start making some whacked up predictions and thoughts on Don Armage's true identity (and even speculated he would actually be Mel Brooks) based on magazine scans. Now, I'd like to just let out some crazy ideas that I have or whacked up predictions.

It turns out that the Ryusoulgers are well 200 years old?! It's even said that Banba suffered from a betrayal so he trusts no one but his brother Towa. What was this betrayal? So Koh is actually 209 years old. So what is the time in Ryusoul or should I just dub it as Tir Na Nog? Tir Na Nog is referred to as the "Land of Youth" as some kind of paradise from Irish mythology. You do hear European tunes in Ryusoulger? It really makes me think of the warriors of Ryusoul are from Tir Na Nog. I hope we get a good buildup where the other two won't join immediately.

It turns out that April will be a hectic month because YES we are already facing the end of the Heisei era on its month end. April 31, 2019 is going to be the first episode of Ryusoulger that enters the dawn of the new era. Crown Prince Naruhito will become the new symbolic Japanese emperor. Hmmm will we get a King of Ryusoul then? I would want that to happen since the plot has it that it also involves the end of the Heisei era.

We're going to get the five Ryusoulgers to create a five combination mecha but what's with the drill nipples? As much as I'm a fan of Maskman but I always made fun of Galaxy Robo's tit guns. Ryusoulger will get various combinations from other upcoming Bandai merchandise. Well, it looks like Tankjo will be destroyed by said combination based on the leaks. Will his death symbolize the end of the Heisei era and make way for more evil villains?

Now I've got more whacked up predictions with this rather weird speculation of mine...

Do you remember Knights of Tir Na Nog's main antagonist Queen Maeve? Well she did look like Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon then Sailor Moon got a live version and Aya Sugimuto acted as Queen Beryl! My predictions would be that Aya Sugimoto would return as Ryusoulger's version of Queen Maeve. I can't predict her name yet but I'd like her to be named as Queen Malevolent. She would be the sworn enemy of the Ryusoul Tribe and Queen of Druidon Tribe. We did have several evil enemies such as Bandora (though she tends to treat her minions well) and GoGoFive's Grand Bitch Grandienne (Lost Galaxy's Trakeena is Power Rangers' version of Queen Ahames and Lightspeed's Queen Bansheera was no less evil either). Who can remember how Grandienne would treat her own children as disposables? Hmmm what if Aya herself will return to play said character?

Predictions? Maybe this betrayal turns out that the mother of the two siblings is this wicked queen. Another prediction is that Koh himself is the son of this evil queen and that Ryusoul Gold would be his maternal half-demon, half-human half brother in the same way Lugand was in Tir Na Nog. But I doubt it Toei would truly make this wicked queen the final antagonist. Chances are they may create another Bigger Bad similar to Dai Satan in Zyuranger unless they decide that, "Screw it! We need another Grandienne who cares about no one but herself!" I could imagine that happening since I feel like we're probably running out of really mean female villains after Go-Busters. Though I think knowing Toei -- chances are we'd have an evil queen serving an even more malevolent force than her!


What are your current thoughts if any?