Super Sentai Strongest Battle Week 3: The Great Secret Exposed

We do have the worst fears confirmed and Toei has confirmed it -- the revival of Dai Satan from Zyuranger! So this is going to be the second to the last week of the mini-series! Now moving on to the main plot before it inevitably ends! 

Stinger was last seen infiltrating Rita's laboratory on Planet Nemesis. Doggie Kruger appears on undercover. Is it me or is Dekaranger enduring in popularity even after 2004? It's been 15 years since Dekaranger ended and I wonder if Doggie has been filing for his retirement soon enough? It looks like he's preparing to retire with a bang -- which is by doing one last huge task before he inevitably turns in his retirement!

Now I'm wondering how is Kagura an ADULT in here. How much time has passed through since ToQGer ended before she got here. Then again we need to screw logic. It never passed my mind until it's revealed later that Kagura wants to open a restaurant with food to make families happy. On the other hand, think about how Kyuranger actually happens in the Year 2317 when it started and Stinger would be from the Year 2319 -- technology from 300 years ago won't grant the kind of conveniences that Tsurugi Ootori enjoyed from his time! 

Meanwhile, we see a glimpse of Luka getting captured. So why is Gaisorg bearing the face of Takaharu? This one can be quite suspenseful. I could see Luka's sheer determination to actually escape and defeat the bad guys. 

Meanwhile, Rita herself is now proceeding the contest as planned. She needs all the help she can get to revive Dai Satan after all, right? A new contest is held and I admit, I'm glad that the red ranger team won for this round. It has two of my favorites namely Time Red and Ryuuranger winning against the muscle-bound team of Ginga Blue and Gao Black. It's revealed later that Rita seeks to destroy all good in the Universe in her plan to revive Dai Satan.

There's some classic Super Sentai mooks showing up but they were created by magic. Both Doggie and Stinger have found out that the tournament is anything but a friendly competition. This brings me back to the part where Stinger mentions that Bouken Silver mentioned about some field that prevents communication with the outside world.

It's nice to see Doggie and Marvelous meet each other up again. Marvelous is still too determined to defeat Gaisorg by himself -- determined if you ask me! I guess that makes Marvelous perhaps my new favorite Gokaiger now -- I kinda like stubborn characters who'd do anything to make sure that justice prevails!

A new plan has been engineered. Doggie shows up to lecture the other heroes of their plan to finally destroy the sham that Rita has planned. Doggie sets up a brilliant plan to lose on purpose to Kagura. Is this a message of the old schoolers giving their blessings to new schoolers? It's also a plan to lure Gaisorg out!

I kinda like how both Doggie and Kagura fight-in-suit. Okay, I admit I wasn't really that open to ToQGer before but now -- I just found my soft spot for said series. While ToQGer isn't what I'd call an "award winning masterpiece" yet it deserves its Railroad Day Award (for making children aware of the importance of railways) AND it has likable characters. I like how Kagura is empowered by her dream to make families happy. Though here's still me wondering why ToQGer's idea wasn't made into the 40th Super Sentai season or that Naruhisa Arakawa were the one assigned to ToQGer -- all that imagination power could've been used to unleash the 39 Super Sentai powers!

I love how both Zyuoh Red and Gokai Red team up to defeat Gaisorg. Gokai Red uses old school Super Sentai powers to defeat the new school villain Gaisorg. Well, if it's an attempt to make the new generation watch old school Super Sentai then tough luck -- generation gaps are pretty much existent and I'll understand why not everyone can enjoy the Super Sentai eras I enjoyed better!

It turns out that it's Stinger? Troll time? No it turns out that Gaisorg is a cursed armor. Didn't we have that in Kyoryuger with Dogold who possessed Utsusemimaru for some time? Cursed armors seem to have a lot of lore going on. I'm getting some Dragon Quest and maybe some King Arthur vibes with the cursed armor that possesses people. What other cartoons did I grow up having cursed armors? 

Marvelous has a rather dangerous plan but somehow I love it. He discovers Luka is captured and he wants to rescue her. So where are the other Gokaigers? I can't tell. I assume Takaharu too is captured at the same place. Marvelous wears the cursed armor Gaisorg! Not that would be very crazy for Gaisorg to possess the power of someone who has attained the Greater Power of 34 Super Sentai series! But let's see how Marvelous can get out of it -- he's got a strong will that I believe will totally overpower Gaisorg!

Meanwhile, there's more Ryusoulger cameos. Both brothers are now in the competition. One of the mentors appear and opens up a cave. What's really going on?

Next week, Dai Satan finally revives and he's got a body now! In the non-canon Power Rangers comics -- you've got Lokar (Dai Satan's MMPR counterpart) with a body and the ruler of the Talos Dimension (probably named after Dora Talos). So was naming Rita as Rita really intentional? I don't think Kyukyoku Daizyujin is going to show up either.


  1. Zoinks! After 26 years, Great Satan (MMPR S1's Lokar) is back! So, if the Zyurangers aren't the Strongest Squadron, which mecha/robot will defeat that headed creature this March 10, 2019? Battle Fever Robo? Great Five? Variblune? Ultimate Daibouken? I knew that only Ultimate Daizyujin (Ultimate Great Beast God) can only defeat that thing just like it was in 1992 and at the end of Zyuranger Series on February 12, 1993. 26 years later, everything will be different. My wish is: Super Sentai! Stop killing each other, combine all of your robots and mecha to create the largest Super Sentai Robot in history and give a second life on all those who got killed in this bloody tournament! Save the Earth (and the Universe)! Save the Lives (of the Super Squadron)! Isoge, yonjuuni Suupaa Sentai!!! (Hurry, Forty-two Super Squadrons!!!)

    1. It does bring memories that 2018 was MMPR's 25th anniversary and Zyuranger had its 25th anniversary last 2017. I wonder how this new incarnation of Dai Satan will be defeated considering we may not see Ultimate Daizyujin. Then again, we know modern Super Sentai does come up with more powerful stuff, right? ;)

  2. In the end of that episode, Ryusoul Black and Green are kidnapped and there is a third Ryusoulger character following them. He is not in a suit but does have the Ryusoulsword and dressed in Burgandy Red. I saw him posing with the rest of the Ryuusoulger team and got excited that he could be Ryusoul Red’s brother(Burai and Hyuuga).
    Found out he is Master Red the former Ryuusoulger. There is also a Master Blue and Master Pink.
    All of these Masters are portrayed by Kamen Rider/Sailor moon Actors!!!
    Red- Takeshi Hongo First/Next
    Blue- Kamen Rider Ibuki(KR Hibiki) Tuxedo Kamen
    Pink- Sailor Moon

    1. Hi Cyber9989

      I admit, there's going to be a lot at stake here. I always think about how Ryusoulger will turn out. I'm excited due to the RPG concept yet nervous because Toei is overusing dinosaurs already. But I'll just have to wait and see.


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