The Super Sentai Morphing Grid?

Power Rangers has the concept of the Morphing Grid which is an energy field across the Universe that gives power to any Power Rangers team and that each team has a link to it. The concept was raised in Mighty Morphin' Season 2 and in Dino Thunder and Operation Overdrive. The Bio Field in Power Rangers RPM may be a totally different entity -- not the Morphin' Grid. However, the concept was brought back (TV wise and just ignore the comics) in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. I just think the idea is cool yet it can also kill creative writing -- we didn't see the concept brought up and several Power Rangers seasons tend to operate with different sources of power in later season.

However, just like how dinosaurs died vary from Super Sentai to Super Sentai can prove that most Super Sentai series are self-contained (like Super Robot Anime) -- it's safe to assume that there's really no Super Sentai Morphin' Grid or anything of that sort. If you've tried watching the 80s Super Sentai, the dinosaur Super Sentai trilogy (now becoming a quadrilogy) have different ways by which dinosaurs died, the ninja trilogy's first two entries don't even bother to connect Hurricanger with Kakuranger then you can tell several Super Sentai series are in fact self-contained. The idea of a self-contained another universe series was further verified in Kyuranger which made way for the Gavan vs. Dekaranger movie. 

Another reason why a Super Sentai Morphin' Grid couldn't exist is that various Super Sentai seasons used different sources of power. No, please don't even attempt to use Changeman's Earth Force as part of this universal force that maintains balance across all Super Sentai -- that power only shook when the Earth was in great danger! Why didn't Earth Force awaken with Goranger up to Bioman? It's because they are usually separate continuities! The Bio Energy in Bioman was only meant for Bioman. The Ohranger's Pangaean energy is meant only for Ohranger. Carranger's Car Magic and Turboranger's fairy magic are totally different sources. The Earth Power in Gingaman is meant only for Gingaman. Other Super Sentai seasons don't draw from magical sources would have their energy source coming from somewhere. These sources of energy are vastly different from each other to belong to one "Sentai Morphin' Grid". Then that means Go-Busters' Enetron was never linked to past Super Sentai series or teams either.

If there's really a "Sentai Morphing Grid" that binds all Super Sentai teams -- look for it no further than Toei Ltd.! The writers, producers and executives are the ones that link all the power of Super Sentai! I guess they never wanted to create such a power grid to make sure most seasons stay self-contained.