Ryusoulger Episode 6: Tankjo's Counterattack

Well it's time to greet thee oh readers for another Ryusoulger episode review! This time, it's the conclusion to last week's episode where Cerberus Menasaur's venom also has a poisonous effect. Sidenote, venom is administered through biting or stings -- which passes through an open would while poison is absorbed through swallowing, skin absorption and inhalation. So the Menasaur is both poisonous and venomous. Now, Tankjo prepares his biggest attack yet.

Everyone is wondering why Sanai isn't cured yet. Banba is sure that he did destroy the Menasaur while Melt assumeth that there could be a twin out there. So how two Menausaurs were born instead of one is just awfully puzzling as of the moment. I wish the show can try to explore more of these elements.

Banba doth remind me of the so 90s Gai from Jetman. He's a loner and he would go out there to risk himself as well. He doth go out there to hunt Creon down and force him to reveal how to do the cure. Creon like any villain won't give the cure -- I wouldn't to if I were a villain.

The bad news is that the venom that is afflicting Towa als has a poisonous effect. The other Ryusoulgers absorb the poison which causes them to feel sick. I really got reminded of Shinkenger's episode when the team got poisoned. This doesn't look so goo but they aren't giving up!

Okay Banba what's with you and trying to kill the hosts? I guess all the years of betrayal and isolation must've turned him so cynical about his destiny and the world. Towa is the voice of reason towards his older brother Banba. I really wonder how will Banba eventually fit in considering his rather anti-heroic personality in contrast to the rest of his teammates. Towa tells them that both Koh and Melt are out there still fighting.

I find this to be one crazy moment. Really Koh how can you pull off the elder Cerberus Menasaur's tooth with your BARE HAND and you are poisoned? I just don't recall too many Super Sentai rangers doing something like this. Both he and Melt faint and they are rescued by Tyramigo.

I just feel another Dragon Quest reference here. Ryusoul Elder appeareth in a rather Middle Eastern outfit. He explaineth that the village has been destroyed so he hides among humans selling kebabs. Okay, I'd like to enter the TV screen and buy some kebabs from his stand just watching this scene! Koh and Melt witness the horn turned into lemonade. Though I was expecting Ryusoul Elder to be selling healing items and not kebabs like those fez-wearing merchants in Dragon Quest. 

Tankjo is so furious that he now groweth into giant size. This causeth the Ryusoulgers to finally bring out their big guns. He hath his plans to cause a great earthquake to destroy all of Japan. Just thinking about how the earthquake goes -- it's safe to say that also neighboring countries can be affected which may effectively destroy Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines would have he succeeded.

The Ryusoulgers now unleash the five-piece combination known as the Kishinryu Five Knights. Okay, just WTF is with the drill nipples -- as if Maskman's tit guns on the secondary robo Galaxy Robo wasn't worth a laugh? They defeat the elder Cerberus without the finishing attack. They execute the finishing attack on Tankjo but he's got a trick on his sleeve.

Now we get a bit of a reference to Willy Wonka. Tankjo is blue and he inflateth. Before that -- he was about to take everyone with him as he lost the battle. His death would cause the whole of Tokyo to be destroyed. So I wonder why was he saying he was claiming the Earth for himself? Hmmm I guess whoever is ruling above him or Druidon is happy to see him gone. He is sent to outer space and destroyed by some lasers. Star Wars reference?

Banba playeth a Gai Yuki except he doesn't punch Koh. I still remember how Gai attempted to leave the Jetman team and refusing to accept his destiny. I just wonder will we see Banba also flirt around with women soon enough? Now, I kinda want to have Toshihide Wakamatsu guest star in a future episode -- at least to show that he still supporters newer Toku series in spite of generation gaps!

Asuna wanteth to see the Elder but Koh maketh some excuse. I wonder will the Elder soon play a bigger part than selling Kebab? He was absent for some time. I even wonder was he the same mysterious man in a face mask? Right now, my assumption is that he's the one. He may be the one that will get the aloof Banba to join the others!

Next week, Wizeru makes his debut. I just wonder who he taking orders from? Meanwhile, he does have a bad combination of a priest, mage and cowboy here. Yikes talk about bad fashion sense! Also, we get to learn that Druidon has occupied other plants and an alien humanoid princess (acted by singer Rei Kobayashi) from a planet named Cepheus (who is the father of Princess Andromeda in Greek mythology) will be involved as a guest character!