Ryusoulger Episode 8: The Magical Voice

It's last week's series and boy have I gotten a lot of things wrong. I'd say I was really wrong about last week's conclusion. It turns out that there's really some twist and turns that it's somewhat unpredictable. How does it turn out? Well, just thou needest to read on from this point onward!

The sisters Cardena and Fita are reunited. However, Melto being the brain that he is (and somehow I can't help but think of Sion from Timeranger in this scene) when he noticeth something suspicious. Cardena mentioneth about the Dino Knights or Kishinryu to Fita. I dunno is writer Junpei Yamaoka a Timeranger fan of sorts? Melto and Sion both have dyed hair and are the brains of the team.

There's the invisibility trick. Reptile in Mortal Kombat anyone? I always find the whole "The audience can see us but not the characters." gag somewhat funny. Remember whenever Invisible Girl went invisible yet the audience sees white lines to see where she is or when Reptile becomes invisible in MK9 (he becomes faster in that mode) that you can still see him as a translucent image? They are after some kind of energy that the Druidons are after.

Now I'd like to do some critiquing at how out-of-suit action scenes are done here. Remember how often it's done in Super Sentai and Power Rangers when the cast would fight out-of-suit then morph only when stronger enemies such as enemy general or the monster-of-the-week showeth up and they have no choice but to do so?Ryusoulger activateth the morph then fight while waiting for the morphing sequence to be done. They do fight who seemeth to be Wizeru but it's a decoy. Wizeru is a magician after all.

It turneth out that people from Cepheus are allergic to tone deaf singing. It just remindeth me of how I do like to sing but I'm sadly tone deaf. I guess Cepheus' citizens would kick me out if I go there. Now only if I could get to listen to the full version of the old school song featured here.

Melto doth seem to come out like again... Sion in Timeranger. I wonder will Melto end up doing inventions for the team like Billy does in Mighty Morphin'? If that's so then why isn't he given the nerdy look? Melto doth address that Cardena was acting strangely. Then the next scene is where I'm bitten by a plot twist.

So it turns out that the one shot wonder is not the host. He fell down the other day due to a common cold. So if he's not the host for the Cockatrice Menasaur then I wonder who is?

Wizeru was disguising as Fita all along. Although this is where Bond Villain Stupidity kicketh in. He hath the Ryusoulgers' HQ infiltrated so why doth he not just blow it up or what? Leave the Ryusoulgers homeless and maybe contact whoever his big boss is out there. I'm pretty sure Queen Maeve of Knights of Tir Na Nog would probably facedesk if she saw this and maybe beat up Wizeru if she were his employer! It's the opportunity of a lifetime yet Wizeru is JUST. WTF. STUPID. He doth play with the emotions of Cardena but faileth to see his chance to blow up the base. I mean just put a bomb, tie down Cardena and boom!

I just love how Melto manageth to find out that "Fita" isn't Fita but Wizeru. So really I wonder what they'd do now that the enemy knows where they are currently staying. I hope the Village Elder will appear soon and maybe give them a new command center in the city or what? 

Tension to tension as Banba plays a Gai Yuki. Remember when Gai would try to get Ryu back into action midseason of Jetman? Banba doth play an interesting friendly antagonist to Koh. I just love how Banba starteth to see the value of life and just everything here.

Koh does comply along with a plan. I was suspecting that a decoy was being used. I really just wonder why didn't Wizeru just put bombs and detonate the whole place or what? Raid the place or do anything to put an end to the Ryusoulgers. But you know the whole statement, "The show must go on and Bond Villain Stupidity keeps it going."

Wizeru seeth his plan blow up Michael Bay style. What's interesting is that Koichi Sakamoto is Japan's Michael Bay -- remember when he was also bringing the explosions to Disney's era of Power Rangers? I just want to laugh at the whole scene. It turneth out that fake Dino Knights showed up. Trolling the troll? I laughed at how Wizeru got the taste of his own medicine.

Yup, Towa manageth to do a duplication spell to fool the enemy with fake Dino Knights. I just love how it was a trolling scene. Trolling the troll once more. Wizeru wouldn't be too happy about it!

Wizeru doth have a trick on his sleeve. It turneth out that Fita herself is the host for the Cockatrice Menasaur. This hath me thinking that one moment Wizeru has failed in his opportunity. In another, he maketh it rather difficult.

It turneth out that one way to weaken the monster is Asuna's rather tone deaf voice. It remindeth me of that episode in Changeman where the space opera singer Zonos can only be defeated by Yuuma's terrible singing. Asuna somehow wrecked every festival in "Tir Na Nog" or the Ryusoul Village. Granted, she's actually 200 something years old in Earth years -- I guess it just got worse. This is sort of a departure of Eri's cute singing in Ryusoulger. Some pink rangers from both Super Sentai and Power Rangers I know could sing like Mai in Changeman, Kimberly in Mighty Morphin', Rin in Dairanger, Saya in Gingaman, Yuuri in Timeranger, and Mako in Shinkenger. I wonder are there other tone deaf pink rangers out there? Can't be too certain either!

The Ryusoulgers destroy the monster but not before Ryusoul Green doth a daring rescue to free Fita from within the monster. I dunno but this scene has me more nervous. Ryusoul Green manageth to do so and rangers are trained not to be scared of heights or have to overcome them if they have it early on. A daring rescue attempt if you ask me and I'd faint if I were the one rescued!

The sisters are truly reunited this time unlike last week's episode. They are told by Banba to go back to whence they came.

Seriously what's with the chopstick and forcing Asuna to sing better? If she has no talent for singing then she has none for it. She giveth up. I guess Asuna has already acknowledged her really bad voice. Though I wish that the ending scene had the Ryusoulgers singing the song with Asuna along. Remember how Changeman's space opera episode had Yuuma singing with the rest?

Next week is some kind of "too good to be true" episode. It would focus on Melto and I can't wait to see how he'd turn out. I hope Melto would come up with a cool invention of sorts to help the others. Hmmm and a treasure chest? Remindeth me of how often RPGs have plenty of treasure chests hidden out there.