Ryusoulger Episode 14: The Golden Knight

Well, the summer episodes of Ryusoulger (and there's NO SUMMER BREAK) has officially started. Does it look like we're getting a beach episode soon? It's the time to introduce Ryusoul Gold the sixth member. I remembered one of Kyoryuger's weak points (that is for me) was that the sixth ranger appeared too early. I was expecting him to appear with at least episode 17 or something. But it looks like we're getting an arc before he officially joins the team! 

The beginning of the episode has a summer transition going on or is it? A new villain named Gachireus appears to where the Druidons are currently hiding. This causes Wizeru to disappear -- leaving Creon with a newer, crueler higher up! Did Gachireus got sent by a higher-up we are yet to see and yet to reveal himself or herself?

The Ryusoulgers discuss the legend of Urashima Taro. The story was a Japanese fisherman who ended in Ryugu Castle for a long time. Time ran slower so when he returned back to our world -- he discovered everything was new. Inside that box that he got was the time he was in the castle. What's interesting is that it looks like Ryugu Castle is part of Ryusoulger's folklore! Hmmm... I suddenly remembered those episodes in Space Sheriff Gavan and Chodenshi Bioman that paid tribute to the same story!

Kanaro appears in search of a bride. His weirdness doesn't fit into the human world. Also, isn't there a generation gap between Ryusoul Tribe members and normal humans? Koh did state he's 209 years old in human years. So how long is a childhood for the Ryusoulgers? I'd assume they spent 120 years before they became teenagers at 130. I guess that's what Kanaro fails to realize that fitting into a different world where time runs faster is hard to do.

So he fins another possible love interest but she already has someone. I know, it sucks and it has happened to be a LOT. That's why I just feel like giving up. Kanaro does make his debut which Ui records. The Ryusoulgers realize that aside from the prime minister in the last episode --  there's possibly more members of the Ryusoul Tribe. The prime minister's appearance was almost a foreshadowing of the next episode!

What are the reasons behind Kanaro's refusal to join the core team? What's his reason? Is he just trying to use finding a bride as an excuse? What are his reasons for trying to find a bride? Somehow, we just need to wait until next week to find out, right?

Kanaro enters into the place where he realizes that if he can't make her happy -- he must let her go. Ayane has bought some of the stuff for the man she loves since he's a host.

Kanaro who fought the Basilisk Menasaur earlier finds the Ryusoulgers discussing the situation. Basilisk Menasaur controls water and fire won't do a thing about it. It's times like this I wish the Ryusoulgers would do something odd like create a heat wave to vaporize it. Then again, the focus of this episode IS Kanaro, right?

Meanwhile, Creon is cruelly forced to leak out his disgusting slime into buckets. Gachileus himself is planning to create plenty more Menasaurs with the same capability. I guess he's been sent by whoever his higher-ups are, right? The plan would do but he could've sent some of the footsoldiers to spill the slime into Tokyo's water supply if you ask me!

Kanaro does his entrance with the following. A jumping kick out-of-suit to hit the monster? Check! Making a speech? Check! Then he reveals his power as Ryusoul Gold. He just wants to give Ayane her happiness back. He does defeat the monster making his first effective debut. We've got new Bandai merchandise now!

Creon gets exhausted and remembers his moments with his two previous superiors. At this point, I just feel sorry for him even if he's the main cause of miseries by creating Menasaurs out of bad situations. The plan could've worked better though IF Gachileus ordered some footsoldiers to dump it into the water supply. 

Gachileus makes his menacing appearance towards the Ryusoulgers. I have a feeling that both Kanaro and Gachileus have a personal rivalry going on. Kanaro just sounds so stubborn about opening up. It looks like this is part one out of a few episodes that I may call as the Ryusoul Gold Arc!

Next episode, it looks like we'd get the history of the Ryugu Castle and what it shares with the folklore of Ryusoulger. Hmmm... I wonder if we'll get a beach episode any time soon? Just don't keep your hopes too high, okay?


  1. Why too early? This was supposed to be next month but TOEI was like, the month of June would be perfect for the sixth Ryusoulger to appear. Last week, June 16, 2019, the Super Hero Time was given way to the U.S. Open since it's June 15, 2019 in the United States. This makes the Sentai fans so upset and worried that by either February or March 2020, the number of Ryusoulger episodes will be shorter than ToQGer or Ninninger-about 44 or 45. To TV Asahi and TOEI: please don't delay anymore the schedules you created! Ryusoulger was supposed to be 50 or 51 episodes but then you shortened it to 44 or 45 by early 2020? This is going to be a really bad timing! I do not like the looks of this, but still, I can watch the Super Sentai Series from 1975 to the present. Once TOEI will create the next Super Sentai Series in 2020, they should've make it 52 or 58 episodes! As 2010s is about to close, we started with the angels and will end with the dinosaurs (again!).

    1. I was just thinking about how Burai appeared in episode 17 of Zyuranger, that's why. I kinda got used to them appearing in the late 10s. =P


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