Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zyuohger Episode 22: Did Toei Let Michael Bay Direct This Episode?!

This week's Zyuohger gave me the feeling Michael Bay directed this episode. While that's just a joke due to what happened, it's because of how the episode went that's why I want to joke Bay himself directed this episode. Misao is still trying to make up for what happened to him while he was under Genis' control. I could talk about some things that I expected and what I didn't expect.

While Misao goes jogging, he touches a bike and it explodes after he feels some weird tingling. I thought he secretly had that power until it's revealed that Deathgalien team player Illusion is behind it. What makes me go WTF is to think is that there have been a lot of bombings here and there lately. Illusion turns every object into a bomb which makes Misao believe he's cursed. That's until the more predicable part where it was a Deathgalien plot to blow up Tokyo.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Evolution Of Super Sentai's Dance Dance Revolution

For some time now, Super Sentai's had the dancing cast during the end credits. Zyuohger is still doing it. But it's not entirely new either. Instead, it creates various gimmicks where some succeed and the others fail in a process of trial and error. It can take a kick back all the way back to when Super Sentai was at its "struggle stage" up to present to understand what went on, why it didn't immediately work and why it works now. 

Battle Fever J starts off as that super old school Super Sentai. It was the first series to have "Super" in it but later, Goranger was retroactively named as the first Super Sentai series during Ohranger. I can't really find the central theme of this rather super old school show. The show presented dancing as part of its themes where the heroes actually used dance steps in their fighting techniques. But the idea wasn't so well explored until later. I guess the dance steps done by the crew here were too hard for beginners to follow so the gimmick may have not immediately clicked. 

Is Darker And Edgier Super Sentai Series No Longer Feasible?

As trends change every now and then, Super Sentai ends up getting its development team to innovate for the children's market. While I could enjoy some lighter and softer Super Sentai like Zyuohger is pretty entertaining for me, I tend to prefer darker and edgier. Ironically, I didn't take much of a liking to Go-Busters compared to Zyuohger. Most of my favorite series (based on my own personal preferences anyway) are on the darker and edgier.

But is darker and edgier still feasible? Let's try to take a review of the trends that happened. Remember that I'm just sharing my opinion on series I've seen from start to end and some very limited knowledge.

Warning! Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Zyuohger 21: That Quest To Overcome Self-Pity And Lack Of Flexibility

So Zyuohger had one delay last month and another this month. I was getting pessimistic because at least two delays were happening. I don't feel very happy about how Kamen Rider Ghost is and I'd be looking forward to the Zyuohger movie instead of the former's movie. But I'd still watch Kamen Rider Ghost's movie even if I'm not liking this year's Kamen Rider as much. It's time for this week's Super Sentai and I'm happy to announce I've been feeling positive about Zyuohger.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

When This Year's Heisei Era Super Sentai Is In Stark Contrast With This Year's Heisei Era Kamen Rider

While doing some rewatching of pre-Decade Heisei era Kamen Riders, I noticed that there was a time when there's been some differences in tone between Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Back then, Super Sentai was usually darker, edgier, more intense in the action scenes department and "more mature" though it was also rivaled by Metal Hero. Eventually, Metal Hero jumped into the lighter and softer with B-Fighter Kabuto, Robotack and Kabutack leading to its eventual cancellation of the franchise. Super Sentai started to get less serious (again) with Carranger since some pre-Zyuranger era series like Dynaman and Goggle V were on the lighter side but more action anyway.

During the year 2000, it was the year of the return of the Kamen Rider. Yasuko Kobayashi had fired her magnum opus with Mirai Sentai Timeranger. Kamen Rider Kuuga appeared as that year's Kamen Rider and the very first one for the Heisei era. Kuuga had a lot of trademarks of earlier riders like intense action, graphic violence and darker plots but it was written by Naruhisa Arakawa. I'd dare say that Kuuga might have been Arakawa's magnum opus. Both shows were pretty much complementary on the more serious stuff. Super Sentai temporarily went lighter and softer with Carranger and Megaranger while trying to get more serious with Gingaman (but it wasn't that serious) and GoGoFive. Next year was the start of one show was lighter and the other was darker.