Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Super Sentai Villains And Death Gas Plots!

Here's some Super Sentai moments where poisoned gas was used as a main plot or not... though this list I assume is pretty incomplete so feel free to throw in your comments on what I missed.

In Dynaman episode 47 (now only if I saw more of Dynaman than just some raw videos and the Dynaman parody dub), there's the Poison Gas Weasel monster.  He was created to poison people but according to Power Rangers Wiki, the gas got tainted by the Retro Gene created by Professor Yumeno resulting to rather hilarious consequences.

In Bioman episode six, Dr. Man plans to set a rather genius trap that involved Mt. Taikyoku and having an underground trap.  Dr. Man knew he can't face Bio Robo head on so he has Farrah create a trap that would release poison gas into the air.  It was revealed to be a trap for Bio Robo from the beginning to the end of the episode.

My Own List Of Five Possible Stuff That Carranger Is Making Fun Of During Its Run!

After watching Carranger, I thought that the show is really poking fun at many things as possible.  I don't know if you agree with me but here goes my own list:

1.) Super Sentai villains and their habit of making convoluted and/or unbelievable schemes

As much as I really love to point out and nitpick that the Bowzock are stupid but again, I usually don't expect Sentai villains to come out with something intelligent.  I always thought that Super Sentai tends to explore the science of stupidity or how villains usually fail to come up with practical solutions.  Carranger pokes fun at that idea with how the Bowzock carry on with their plans.  Their mission is to blow up the Earth (which they keep calling Earf) but they never come up with anything intelligent.  The plan goes from simply jumbling numbers, inflating stuff or creating an orchestra of cars... one has to realize they could have just fired a missile on Earth then the job is done!  I can't stop laughing or just criticizing their stupidity then again, even more serious Super Sentai villains still keep cooking up convoluted plans to carry out whatever objectives their organization has.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Personal Thoughts On Super Sentai's Acting Quality Then And Now

From that fool pretending to know everything about Sentai to a person who now admits the truth of the series he's seen from start to end, I might do some writing on my personal thoughts on Super Sentai's acting quality which will include the main cast doing its action scenes.  Now it's time for me to do a rather limited post based on my observation.

Old school Super Sentai all the way to Timeranger

The reality is that the more I watch old school Super Sentai, the harder it is for me to appreciate the newer ones.  With my previously stated confession, aside from the writing and music, I would also bring up the acting of old school Super Sentai for me is better during the Showa era and 20th Century Heisei era which would be the Goranger up to Timeranger arc.

If I want to talk about big time names and appearances in Tokusatsu during the Showa era and the 20th Century Heisei era, I could mention some of them.  You might think of the short recurring appearances of Hiroshi Miyauchi (Akira Shinmei, Banba Soukichi, Chief Miura), Kenji Ohba (Shiro Akebono, Daigoro Oume), Musashi Ishibashi (High Priest Hedder, General Kar, Rehda and later he appeared in the Gekiranger movie as the main villain Yang), Munemaru Kouda (Doctor Man, Gorma XV), Akiko Amamatsuri (Mazenda, Gara and a guest role in Ohranger as Keris), Yutaka Hirose (Ley Wanda, Dr. Kemp, Tranza and Demon Boxer Jin), Yoshinori Okamoto (Adjutant Buba, Bo Gardan and Dr. Ashura), Joji Nakata (Sir Kaura and Great Professor Bias), Soga Machiko (Hedrian and Bandora, she also played Queen Pandora of Spielban), Kihachiro Uemara (Dai and Chevalier), Sayoko Hagiwara (Rei Tachibana and Ley Nefel) and Keiko Hayase (Remi Hoshikawa and the Hanaranger Sakura).  I will admit that the later era of Super Sentai lacked that quality which I will discuss later.