Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So I'm Bracing for Ninninger!

So we have the ninja time done three times.  During the 90s and last decade, we have had Kakuranger and Hurricanger.  Hurricanger can also be considered a Liveman inspired Super Sentai aside from its obvious ninja theme.  I won't comment too much on the cast yet but I can give my comments on a few stuff.  I got all these stuff from Orends Range.


The costumes sort of look like Shurikenger inspired.  Granted, the title is SHURIKEN Sentai Ninninger.  So far a huge improvement from the rather bland costumes of ToQGer.  For ToQGer, I'm going to try to see how the finale will be.


Okay, I don't hate Naomi Takebe but I wasn't impressed with how Gobusters went.  But she was also responsible for Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider OOO, two silly seasons of Kamen Rider that I enjoyed.  She was also responsible for Kamen Rider Gaim.  She also mentioned that these ninjas are not in the norm of fun and anything that is fun (taken from here).

For the writer, we have Kento Shimoyama who will be the head writer for the first time.  IMO he wrote some of the better episodes of Goseiger, Gokaiger and Gobusters.  He also wrote Goseiger vs. Shinkenger which I didn't particularly enjoy.  But he also wrote Gobusters vs. Gokaiger which I did enjoy for someone who doesn't really like Gobusters.  Hopefully, a new generation of Super Sentai will be created for the children.

For the others, we have Shojiro Nakazawa who was responsible for the music of Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Wizard.  Kosouke Yamashita who was responsible for Gokaiger's music (and sideline, Hana Yori Dango) hopefully will create great music.  Again, I'm not too particular about composers but I better get them into detail right?

An Early Impression of Villain Description

The enemy is called the Yokai Corps.  The Kakurangers had the Yokai.  Will this be a Kakuranger inspired season?  Maybe we will see a lighter version of Kakuranger?  They were sealed long ago and now they return to cause havoc.  Still sounds like Kakuranger and other previous seasons were enemies were sealed off.  I wonder if we will get a lighter/softer show with horror elements.  Nightmare fuel can be reduced but... it's either good writing or bad writing.

Closing Thoughts

So overall, I am going to brace myself for what's coming in.  Hopefully ToQGer will get a good wrap-up... and Super Sentai for a new generation will do great.  On the other hand, I may start to brace for the inevitable.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Current List of Most Cruel Villains in Super Sentai!

So based on a list of villains from Sentai series I've seen from start to end AND my current viewing (Gingaman with 38 episodes, Ohranger with 20 episodes, Kakuranger with 40 episodes), here are villains I considered to be really cruel.  None of these villains ever had any moments of being funny.  Here they are:

Doctor Man

Okay I could be biased considering he is my first Super Sentai villain.  He scared me not because he was really scary, it was more or less a lot of things I wanted to do as a young child were somewhat manifest in him.  These were stuff like trying to become the world's greatest genius to becoming a fully pledged mecha human.  He wants to get rid of his humanity and well, he didn't really show too much care.  When his mechanical son Prince "malfunctioned" he disowned his own "son" and reprogrammed him as a killing machine.  Later when his real son Shuichi refused to join him, he even ordered Mason and Mettlzer to KILL HIS OWN SON he disowned.  Midseason, he even had Metal Megas fire at his own Beastnoids in an attempt to destroy the Biomen (which he failed but it showed he wasn't joking).  Later on, he would even make Miki the Mecha Human he made to SUFFER because she gained feelings.  It's also revealed that his relationship with Dr. Shinichiro Gou was something.  He betrayed his own friend just so he could gain power.  In the finale arc, he even didn't show any remorse to Farrah's death when she died.  After his defeat, he triggers the Anti-Bio Bomb to destroy the Earth since he can't have it.  Only the last minute redemption saved him when his son Shuichi tried to reach his human side.

Queen Ahames of Amazo

She's definitely one bitch you don't want to mess with.  Now I've only read Shogo's summaries and saw only a few Changeman episodes but one cannot deny SHE IS A BITCH.  So she did team up with Giluke years ago to get rid of Bazoo.  Later he tries to feign loyalty just to get what she wants.  She even double crosses Giluke so she can get the Rigeru Aura for herself.  She always focuses on making the Changemen suffer and she won't hesitate to double-cross even the others to get what she wants.  Her sadism also caused her to attempt to sacrifice Shiima AND the monster Dariru just so she could defeat the Changemen.  Eventually she got what she deserved when she is betrayed by Giluke and Bazoo.  All her treachery made her die in such a way she deserved to die.  Now only if can see more Changeman to expand on her.

Star King Bazoo

He practically dominates his empire in space AND he has no qualms about manipulating people.  For some reason, he starts destroying one planet after the other.  He also had kept a few planets alive and uses them to blackmail his followers.  Note he was also responsible for the miseries of Icarus and Shiima.  Shiima was taken away and was turned into one of his generals, turning a supposedly gentle person into an evil general.  Another is that, he has no intention to keep his promises to his troopers.  Anybody who knew anything about his true form (as a sentient planet) paid with their lives.  Now only if I can see more Changeman.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Thoughts on ToQGer Having An Incoming V-Cinema

ToQGer is having a V-Cinema which were however not the non-canon VS Movies.  Instead, we have a special that takes place after the series ends.  The series that had a V-Cinema prior to ToQGer where Timeranger, Shinkenger, Goseiger, Gobusters (which they met an alternate version of Gobusters), Hurricanger (10 years after) and Kyoryuger (where it happens 100 years later).

What is amazing is that Timeranger, Shinkenger and ToQGer are Super Sentai which were under Yasuko Kobayashi.  Too bad Gingaman didn't have a V-Cinema (coincidentally Saban also promised a movie for the cast of Lost Galaxy but screwed it up).  The V-Cinema started with Timeranger where this non-canon episode had them view the Super Sentai before Timeranger.

Shinkenger's V-Cinema was a massive clip show... involving different scenarios.  The Shinkengers must overcome the illusions they are trapped in.  I thought it was a pretty silly V-Cinema which I usually don't rewatch in contrast to the series.

Goseiger's V-Cinema takes place Brajira was finally destroyed.  They must fight against King Bibi, the last of the Bibi race.  The Goseigers decided to stay behind to protect the Earth rather than go back to their home world.

Hurricanger 10 Years After and Kyoryuge 100 Years After were what if scenarios.  I haven't seen them yet so I won't comment.

Pretty much, I don't find it all that surprising that ToQGer, another Kobayashi series will get a V-Cinema in itself.


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