Sunday, July 26, 2015

Super Sentai Villains I View To Be The Scott Evils Of Their Respective Seasons!

While Super Sentai villains are usually known for their rather impractical and/or absurd plans to conquer the Earth or whatever, some villains actually stood out as "Scott Evils" for me.  If you've seen Austin Powers, Scott Evil is Dr. Evil's son and Austin's wayward nephew who always proposed a more practical plan to get rid of his Uncle Austin.  His father says, "Let's sink him down slowly to a pool full of mutated bass and leave him there." but Scott Evil says, "Why do you just shoot him with a gun?  That would get rid of him instantly!"

Thief Knight Kiros

This guy really means serious business even if he's operating alone.  Unlike most of Tube that carries out the typical Super Sentai plan like face-swapping or creating mebius tunnels left and right, this guy focuses his attacks on the Maskmen.  When he first appears, she shows he's no laughing matter when he destroys the Shot Bomber and takes advantage of the Maskmen's weaknesses by launching another attack just to tire them out.  Plus, he aggressively focuses on getting rid of Takeru so he can get Princess Ial for himself.

Galactic Swordsman Billion

While Chevalier is a more aggressive warrior but Billion is the only really practical villain in Fiveman.  For example, he always focuses on doing underhand dirty tactics.  While Chevalier had some rare moments of success but most of them get foiled by a lack of common sense.  Billion would always set plans that cruelly dispose of people or take advantage of the fact that the Fivemen won't hurt a child or any captive they have.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dekaranger: A Super Sentai Season Filled With Metal Hero Nostalgia!

As a child I did see a few episodes of Solbrain and later I heard of Blue SWAT, saw the Robocop-inspired Janperson and later, Dekaranger itself was a show that was very atypical.  At first, I didn't think it would be good and I would only watch it for Jasmine herself.  But later, I fell in love with the uniqueness of the show with some of the nostalgia that it brought.

Granted that I saw Gavan and Shaider dubbed in Tagalog, I kept recalling Gavan and Shaider in some way as I watched Dekaranger which turned out to be a show filled with some Metal Hero shoutouts.  One of the most obvious is how the narration is done... the narrator DOES NOT know when to shut up and come on, no need to keep reminding us of this and that okay?!

The Special Police Dekaranger program

Although no link was established between the Space Police and the Special Police Dekaranger in the crossover universe or VS Series (note both of them are different continuities), you cannot deny the similarity between the two is that they are an intergalactic police force dedicated to keeping the peace in the universe.  They are in charge of keeping intergalactic crime at bay.  There are other Dekarangers out there but we are only focused on the Earth Branch itself.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Personal Opinion On Ninninger Within 21 Episodes!

Well it's time for Ninninger to have 21 episodes.  At first, I was somewhat positive with the new writer Kento Shimoyama since having a new headwriter may create wonders.  Some examples I can name are Toshiki Inoue with Jetman (which ended up having a post-series TV special in the form an encylopedia and the alternate continuity Manga), Noboru Sugimura with Zyuranger, Junki Takegami with Megaranger, Yasuko Kobayashi with Gingaman and Naruhisa Arakawa with Kamen Rider Kuuga.  So I thought about some positivism but the show actually shattered some of my expectations and I could present some of my biggest problems.

I would simply want to think of the Igasaki Lineage is annoying minus Yakumo the only sensible member of the family... or not.  If we think about the Igasaki clan, you might actually think that Takaharu (or Bakaharu or stupid) is really one HUGE idiot.  Yes, I really have to admit more than one episode, I really wished he'd improve but unlike Ban from Dekaranger or Sosuke from Go-onger HE FREAKING DOES NOT.  I thought that maybe idiocy does run in their line like their grandfather Yoshitaka Igasaki and the father Tsumuji Igasaki are really idiotic and first I think they are funny and now I've changed my mind.  Now I have nothing against it if the hero is an idiot if he improves so I hope Bakaharu stops being Bakaharu.  But so far, no signs of him actually improving beyond his current shell.