Thursday, July 31, 2014

Major Plots Analysis Part 13: Engine Sentai Go-onger

So some people say this series sucks, I'm among those who say it doesn't but I don't say it rocks.  I just bring myself to hate the series nor to really love it.. but I would say I like the series like I like certain seasons of Super Sentai, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider.  Moving on...

The introductory arc started out with three while adding the other two quite early.  For a comedic Sentai, I would say I can understand the certain degree of chaos this series tends to suffer.  The series begins with Sosuke, Saki and Renn.  Then we have both Hant and Gunpei entering which they become a five man team but aren't able to immediately create a five-vehicle combination.  The Gaiarc's introduction is also pretty silly but not horrible for me.

Episode 17 introduces us to the Go-on Wings Hiruto and Miu.  I would admit I found Hiruto to be pretty annoying with his Squidward-like personality... fortunately he doesn't play music horribly and that he has good taste.  Other than that, his relationship with Sosuke and Hant is pretty much like Squidward's relationship with Spongebob and Patrick.  Hiruto did get better though and at least, he's no Masato Kusaka or Renn Akiyama.

Major Plots Analysis Part 12: Hyajakuu Sentai Gaoranger

It's time for the first multi-gattai series and to see how it actually fared.  Gaoranger was pretty much testing the new concept of multi-gattai and changing big bads within the season.  So let's look at these major plots:

Episodes 1-14 contain the introductory arc as well as Shuten's term as the Org Highness.  I didn't think too much about him but not that he was a bad plot element.

Episode 14 had Ura show up as the new Org Highness, killing Shuten and absorbing his powers.  He introduced the "Ura Arc" as my term for his tenure until he was killed off in episode 30 by the Gao Icarus.  He was a cunning, manipulative Org Highness which also brought in one of the cooler arc called the Rouki Arc.  I just love how he messed up with Shirogane, stole the Gao Jewels and changed the game after he got rid of Shuten.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Major Plots Analysis Part 11: Chojuu Sentai Liveman

Well it's back to the late 80s.  So far, I thought I'd never be a Liveman fan until I started seeing more of the in-betweens.  Now to talk about the major plots of the series:

The introductory arc was well written for me.  It featured the battle of life vs. death, pro-life vs. pro-death and the whole concept of humble greatness vs. bloated ego.  Professor Bias believes that only the elite must become the top.  He has taken education to a whole new level of evil.  I just keep thinking that even the first episode has a very high death count.

Episodes 11-12 features the illiterate gang leader Dr. Ashura.  Professor Bias recruits the gang leader Arashi and turns him into a genius of sorts.  I do find it weird how he can be a gang leader without basic Math skills.  Other than that, he is one freaking awesome villain.  In episode 45, Ashura gets a redeemed badass death saving the Livemen.

Episode 16 shows some glimpse of Red Falcon's past.  We discover that Yuusuke was once in love with Rui Senda before she became Dr. Mazenda.  I thought it was an interesting development to show more conflict than it already had in the beginning.