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Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Thoughts On Zyuohger's Plot Development From Episodes 10-11

After watching the two episodes of Zyuohger and it's not just a toy commercial like the previous episodes. So there are others doing episode by episode reviews which I won't do copy/paste and I may not be able to commit myself to it. But the past two episodes somehow started to give me pieces of nostalgia and something fresh... or not. Can't really tell what's going on but I'm really optimistic even after Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger were really failing to impress me.

Considering the events that Genis decides to participate in the game in some way, he releases a new sick game. He decides to throw his own blood game perhaps tired of the constant failures of his generals.

The whole city is covered in a life threatening dome. The Zyuohgers must find the switch which will soon destroy the city if they don't find it. The characters started to develop as they must choose between their personal lives and others. They find the switch only to find out something's wrong.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Celebrating Earth Day, Super Sentai Style!

It's time to celebrate Earth Day, Super Sentai style. It's the 40th Anniversary of Super Sentai and we have the Zyuohgers protecting the Earth on Sentai's 40th anniversary. We've also had other Toei heroes such as Kamen Riders, Metal Heroes, Power Rangers and other Tokusatsu shows under them doing their job in their storylines. But I'll focus more on Super Sentai for the 40th anniversary.

The theme of Super Sentai for most of its run is really saving the Earth from destruction from various enemy forces that threaten it. Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai made it clear in the beginning of the crossover movie that Earth has been attacked by various villains. The villains of Super Sentai all appear with one motive after the other which some of them seek to destroy Earth, others seek to dominate it but regardless, it's been the fight for Earth. So let's get started, shall we?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Early Thoughts On Dynaman For The First Nine Episodes

It's time for DYNAMAN! Oops wrong tagline! That was long ago when I enjoyed viewing the Dynaman Parody Dub. What's a pleasant surprise was that while Millionfold Curiosity is subbing Gavan (and they've got 24 episodes available, woohoo!) is that they've released Dynaman's first nine episodes. Well it's time to say goodbye Dynaman Parody Dub and in for the real deal.

What are my thoughts on Dynaman with the first nine episodes? The show itself has some of the characteristics of some older Super Sentai series like it's really got the over-the-top action from the main cast and stuntmen, weird sense of humor and a lot of stuff you might not see in most of later Super Sentai and Power Rangers. A lot of the members here do stunts that really require a lot more training than most Super Sentai/Power Rangers cast members today. I guess that's why it's called Dynaman as in Dynamite or Dynamic. Besides, some of the action scenes that I'm seeing right now from the first few Dynaman episodes are really dynamic. So much action that's missing in a lot of modern day Tokusatsu in general.

Friday, April 15, 2016

More Mecha May Mean Less Intense Action Scenes?

Only one Takeru truly dominates the scene with better action scenes

By observing some old school and new school Super Sentai, I tend to notice that there seems to be this trend that if there's more mecha into the show then you might as well expect lower quality or less intense action scenes. I'm writing this considering Zyuohger has brought in back the badly needed DYI stunts from the main cast (with ToQGer and Ninninger really lacked), now it's time to go backward and forward with Super Sentai. As said, just because a series is newer doesn't mean it's always better. Sometimes, you get a good season succeeded by a bad season and a bad season succeeded by a good season.

Remembering some old school Super Sentai maybe I'll set the distance up to Ohranger, there seems to be the trend that when there's more mecha, there's less intense action scenes in Super Sentai. Granted, Ohranger was rumored to have nearly cancelled Super Sentai as there was some budget for more toys and some really badass action scenes. After Ohranger, it seems action scenes started to really die out. I could just try to do some side to side comparison between two or three shows with related themes with one with less mecha vs. another show with much more mecha. Both main cast and stuntmen did much better than the post-Ohranger era IMO.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Them Vehicle Zords, Humanoid Zords And Animal Zords

As a child, I remembered all that confusion I had when watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers without knowing its origins (because I was too lazy to read the credits as a child) introducing the dinosaur type mecha (Dinozords) was a deviation from the standard use of vehicle mecha. It wasn't until later I discovered post-Jetman Super Sentai and pre-Jetman Super Sentai that started my journey of "zord evolution".

In the past, most Super Sentai "zords" started with vehicles rather than animal mecha. Okay, I know the first Megazord namely Battle Fever Robo had no gattai sequence while Denziman was the first transforming Megazord but the trend ended up with most secondary robots for the show. Then we had Sun Vulcan's first well super-awkward Megazord combination with Sun Vulcan Robo. Goggle V up to present had different methods to combining vehicles into the season's Megazord. For the the best shows with the best-looking vehicle mecha were Bioman, Flashman, Jetman, Carranger, Megaranger, Gogo-Five, Timeranger, Dekaranger and Boukenger.