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My Speculative View Of Tokusatsu's Wonderful Mixture Of Old School And New School Techniques

It can't be denied that even when it's 2017 some old school methods are still used along with new school methods. You can tell that while filming methods and equipment have been replaced by new school equipment (ex. remote controlled electric fans, better fog producing machines, higher pixel for cameras, better CGI is now available) but there's still a bit of old school methods going on. Take note that this isn't only applicable to Toei but also other studios that produce Tokusatsu or similar shows. Also, this is just a glimpse. If you want to learn more, get a real expert in filming techniques to explain the rest. I'm just sharing my thoughts in this post.

The wonderful combination of CGI and real life action scenes

There were some super risky stunts that were done before the dawn of better CGI special effects. One of my favorite examples is the use of the Flame Sword in Super Sentai. I thought of what could have happened while the stuntman Kazuo Niibori did this s…

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