Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Thoughts On Gogo Five In 26 Episodes

"Your mission is far from over, you've only seen 26 episodes for now!"

So I've watched Gogo Five a few weeks ago and I can say, I have finished my 26 episodes plus the movie in a short amount of time, because it's FREAKING AWESOME. What's better is that, now that I can understand it thanks to the English subs provided by Another Imagination Station, it's time for me to share my feelings on this series.

Although I haven't felt any dislike for Fiveman and I still like Fiveman, I felt like Gogo Five is an improved version of Fiveman but I felt there's more nostalgia to this show than just the sibling team. I can go ahead and scream, "FIVEMAN! FIVEMAN! FIVEMAN!" to this show but I thought the idea of a rescue team, where have I seen that before? There was the Rescue Police Trilogy (which these shows had no real main villain in contrast to Dekaranger which had Agent Abrella but as a sideline salesman), what was amazing was that in 1990, we had Fiveman (for Super Sentai) which aired on March 2, 1990 while we had Winspector (which I am yet to see) which aired on February 4, 1990. So did producers dig up a lot of old shows to create something new? If they did, they surely created such a brilliant way of moving forward compared to most of the modern Super Sentai today.

For starters, I think the Tatsumi Family might be the improved version of the Hoshikawa family except they only have one sister. Matoi himself is a more pressured version of Gaku, Nagare is the scientific guy of the family who pretty much follows his father's footseps, Shou is an expert in aeronautics which explains why he's in charge of air operations, Daimon is a policeman and Matsuri works in a hospital. They have lost their father several years ago and doesn't immediately understand the reason, until later they realized that their father had no pleasure in leaving them for ten years because a much bigger threat called the Saima Clan had appeared. If they are not fighting the Saima Clan, they are also rescuing people like they always did and they learn what life means the more the show moves forward.

As usual, beware for spoilers!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

How Much Of Old School Super Sentai Have You Seen Anyway?

Looking back at the time this blog started, I would admit I barely saw a lot of Super Sentai series, pretended to know everything and just relied on fan sites while I just merely started getting into Super Sentai itself and I would really just be a noobie during that time. Back then with my childhood up to my early teens, I can remember Goggle V, Bioman, Maskman and Jetman but later, I soon got into last decade's Super Sentai where I would still watch them on Youtube, later I had an external hard drive but I was still stuck with an old CPU, you know a lot of constraints or I just watched Super Sentai left and right without understanding the context. When I look back at that time I started as the fool who pretended to know everything about Tokusatsu and got 99/100 answers wrong in more than one instance... now I tend to ask myself the question, "How much of old school Super Sentai have you seen?" then later, I end up throwing the question at others after I ask myself that question.

How much of old school Super Sentai have you seen? I want to throw that question at people who think that Super Sentai gets better every year because how can they make the judgment that Super Sentai gets better every year unless they check out the older ones to judge the quality of progress because the quality goes up and goes down, like life is not always going up. Just because I usually prefer the older series, doesn't mean I won't check out the newer series then I give my critique. Some can say, "You're watching backwards!" but here's what I say, "There's much of old school Super Sentai I haven't checked out. I can't say which series is better or worse, unless I check out the old school Super Sentai." then of course, comes my list of series that I watched from start to end.

Monday, October 5, 2015

My Wild Imagination Of What If Nostalgia Critic Reviews Gosei Sentai Dairanger!

Well I haven't thought of how to carry out a what if Doug Walker did a review for other Super Sentai series, well it's on to review Dairanger, Nostalgia Critic style since the DVD is coming out soon. Before that, you might want to check out my joke of a Doug Walker/Zyuranger post.

Well I don't think he'll really keep saying too much about it at first until he realizes that the show's unusually violent. That is he might say, "So really, what's up with all these violent scenes and wow, it's really brutal!" type of reaction. He might actually start to say, "Well this wasn't the regular show you grew up with, you might as well be ready to be shocked and be amazed at the world of Gosei Sentai Dairanger!"

I guess he might want to poke fun at the Gorma or their weird ceremonies.  Or better, he might actually say, "Really? We're having a Star Wars moment here?" when it comes to Ryou's meeting with his father Zhang Liao. He might say, "So really, where's Emperor Palpatine?  Or where's... well... you know... the emotional scene? Oh there we have it!" I could imagine all the fun that he might have inserting Star Wars footage. He might also compare the Gorma outfits to some metal death band and well, make fun of just almost everything or two, make fun of the name Shadam by inserting Saddam Hussein footage.