Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dairanger And Gekiranger: Handling Chinese Themed Sentai

Happy year of the monkey! It's time for me to talk about Chinese-based Super Sentai. You might be wondering why Hikari Sentai Maskman isn't here. Maskman used mixed martial arts from both Chinese and Japanese influence. What's so strange about Super Sentai is that while it's a Japanese series, it utilizes more foreign themes. After so many Western themes, they also decided to do Chinese themes.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Dairanger happens to be the first Chinese-themed Super Sentai. Compared to Maskman, the Dairangers used Chinese style fighting. These fighting styles happen to be based on Chinese martial arts namely Ryou uses Dragon Fist, Daigo uses Hung Ga, Shoji uses Long Fist, Kazu uses Drunken Fist and Rin uses Eagle Fist Style. Although most of the Dairangers were presumably Japanese but we have both Ryou and Rin as the first half-Chinese members of a Super Sentai team. Rin spoke a few lines in mandarin but it's obviously memorized. Ryou hasn't spoken any Mandarin neither has Zhang Liao. I guess, trying to do a Chinese-themed Super Sentai isn't all that easy huh?

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Possible Exchange Of Ideas Between Super Sentai And Power Rangers?

Toei Ltd. hasn't been completely original in its shows. If you notice, even in the early shows you can see how some villains were based on some 70s fictional villains, some are just obviously based on some American idea and you have lot of ideas like Toei's own version of Spiderman, they had Robocop inspired heroes in Janperson and Jiban, the Rescue Police Trilogy may have copied ideas from some other Western shows and many more. I'll share some possible exchanges of ideas from each other. Note I deleted two previous articles and decided to create this one instead.

Ideas Power Rangers borrowed from Super Sentai

Since Power Rangers is Toei's and Saban's show based on Super Sentai, there's really bound to be some ideas taken from other Super Sentai seasons, not just the parent source. There's some that you can name.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers deviated from Zyuranger's storyline adding a teenagers with attitude theme from Turboranger. Jason was typically alike to the red rangers of Hirohisa Soda's era - reliable and trustworthy. He may not be Geki in Zyuranger but he may be compared to either Shiro (Bioman) or any of the typical red rangers of that era.

The show also had the assistant android in Alpha Five who I think was somewhat derived from Peebo in Bioman or any of the long list of assistant androids.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Personal Review On The Power Rangers Franchise: Toei's Big Time Entry Into The American Market!

After writing on Super Sentai as the longest consecutive running franchise by Toei, it's time to write on Toei's and Saban's co-production called Power Rangers. The whole Power Rangers franchise was Toei's big time entry with America when they and Saban both cooperated in creating Power Rangers. Localization of the show happened because of several cultural differences on JEFusion's fanpage.

The Saban era 

The timing for Power Rangers could have never been more perfect than 1993. I guess there were a lot of series both Toei and Saban considered that could have been used but I'd say the marketing was right with remaking and localizing Zyuranger into something for the American audience thus the co-production between Toei and Saban was born. My Wild Mass Guess behind creating a show based on Super Sentai was all because of cultural differences. Zyuranger might be considered a "very weird show" so the first testing ground was on teenagers with attitude. The more I think about it, Zyuranger may not be a show that would easily click with Americans so they decided to try and mix several ideas. They got some ideas from Takeyuki Suzuki's era of Super Sentai like teenagers with attitude, a helper android in Alpha Five and well Zordon was more of an American concept. Later on, Zordon would receive some form of tribute with Moak (Gingaman) and Mr. Voice (Boukenger).