Friday, May 29, 2015

Four Reasons Why I'd Watch Gobusters Over ToQGer

While I did write why I'd watch Go-onger over Gobusters, but I figured out I'd watch Gobusters over ToQGer.  For me, ToQGer was really where Yasuko Kobayashi either burned out or... just gave up writing a better story.  Gobusters for me, I don't think I can hate it either although I have a low opinion on it.  Moving on....

The heroes

While I was watching both sides of the coin, ToQGer felt more like it was too primarily focused on children but Gobusters at least tried to appeal with the older audience.  Gobusters was basically Yasuko Kobayashi trying to make her darkest work after she previously wrote the fun season of Shinkenger, she wanted to re-attempt into going back with darker, more serious stories.  Now I have nothing against fun seasons, but ToQGer for me failed to impress me as much as Go-onger.  At least Go-onger for me felt more like it had a plot going on along with it.

So where do I think the Gobusters cast stands out against the ToQGer cast?  I felt like the Gobusters though they were stiff for most of the run, they weren't all that bad for me the more I watched them.  ToQGer's rangers felt like they were characters from Sesame Street than for Super Sentai IMO.  Again, this is just my opinion on why Gobusters ends up standing high against ToQGer.


Perhaps one of my biggest beefs IMO against ToQGer is the mecha execution.  While I would prefer Shinkenger over Gobusters or Go-onger over Gobusters, but at this point, I can bring up mecha again.  I felt like Gobusters' limiting its number of mecha was better than ToQGer overloading the show with all that mecha.  I know Gobusters had poor toy sales but so what?  I prefer it over ToQGer.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recalling My Biomic Nightmares!

It's really funny how there were times I actually dreamed I was not scared of Gear but the Biomen?  Actually, maybe it's because Doctor Man's story sort of gave me guilt trips as a child like I intended to become the world's greatest genius, I wanted to cybernetically alter myself until I am purely mechanical, how I started to view my human emotions and weak and sought to well... rule the world.

Part of my nightmares weren't purely nightmares.  I saw myself wearing a wig, carrying a staff, having cybernetic body parts and... I was practically ruling New Empire Gear (back then I only knew it as the Neo Empire).  I would proclaim myself as the "world's greatest genius" and that, every other competition to my scientific knowledge had to be eliminated.  I had my Big Three, Farrah Cat, the Beastnoids and some giant monsters.  In most of my dreams, I was Dr. Sean, not Dr. Man!

What became part of my Biomic Nightmares was... the Bio Robo.  Nothing was really funnier to why the Biomen seldom gave me nightmares.  That is, I was gloating about destroying every known scientific knowledge that could threaten me but one day, all my life's work had gone to waste.  I simply couldn't accept it.  I started my, "ONORE BIOMAN!" moments in my dream where I simply saw myself as a supreme mad scientist thwarted by the Biomen.  I seldom saw myself punishing the Big Three then my head gets haunted by, "Who could have sent the Biomen to stop me?  Damn!"  While I did cry watching Mika's death as a child, in my dream I was soon laughing at it only that the next day or week, Jun becomes the second Yellow 4 which made me go "ONORE!" again.

Short-Lived Mika's Concept Wasn't Short Lived!

When I think of Bioman and how short-lived Mika was, fortunately the concept did not die with the character.  I felt like Bioman was a season to experiment here and there.  Bioman was the first Super Sentai series to have two females (and back then, I had NO IDEA that most Sentai series had only one girl in the team back then), the first female yellow ranger (one died, another came in) and you can consider the first (and only) Super Sentai team to use the Beastnoids lacking human-sized monsters (Dekaranger hardly had human-sized monsters but no Beastnoids that keep retreating) and the first to have a mad scientist (Dr. Man).  Now I can discuss about Mika's concept and how it really lived on even if she didn't last long... that is the concept of a female yellow ranger who's snappy, rebellious (but not really) and badass!

The concept was sort of relived with Haruka herself in Maskman.  I felt like Mika's concept was relived in Maskman, one of my favorite series.  Haruka herself was the tomboy to Momoko's feminine side.  If you remembered in Bioman, Mika's ancestor (and possibly who is also Jun's ancestor) is also a female ninja.  However Haruka was not hesitant to fight compared to Mika, she was more than willing to kick ass and she used her ninja skills as a Maskman.  What was interesting is that she also gets fan-paired with Takeru... funny huh?