Monday, September 22, 2014

Super Sentai Villain Groups That Planned To Turn Humans Into Enemy Footsoldiers!

One of the most effective but frequently foiled plots in Super Sentai is when villains decide to turn humans into their new set of foot soldiers.  Here are the following groups that tried to do so:

The Jashinka tried to turn humans into their lizard footsoldiers as part of conquering the surface world.

The Tube wanted to turn people into Ungler Soldiers in Maskman episode 13.  The way Fumin got this plan carried out disguising as an idol plus the nightmare fuel makes it a very entertaining episode.  I thought it was a very effective plan though they could have contaminated the water supply instead.

In Go-onger episode 9, the Gaiarc sought to turn humans into Banki soldiers for Gaiarc.  This was understandable that it happened in Junk World.  I do find this kind of ridiculous where the Gaiarc got their technology to turn humans into Ugatz.

In Goseiger episode five, the Warstar attempted to turn people into Bibis and students were also involved.

Missed any?  Let me know!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Episode Writers' Analysis Part 15: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Engine Sentai Go-onger is a hit or miss series.  Okay I may belong to the few who actually like the series but take note, I don't love it.  I just like it in the sense, I don't hate it but I don't consider it an awesome series.  However I would rather watch it over ToQGer, Kyoryuger, Gobusters and Goseiger.  Moving on to its episode writer analysis:

Junki Takegami (main writer): 1-6, 9-10, 15-18, 21-22, 27-28, 32-34, 38, 42-43, 47, 49-50 (25 eps)

Junki Takegami was the head writer of Megaranger and Gogo V, here he is trying to do comedy.  Well I would share my opinion that I still think Go-onger is a decent series overall but just doesn't get into my list of loves, only likes.

Grand Prix 1-3 is basically an introduction arc.  We start with the three Go-ongers namely Sosuke, Saki and Hant.  On the other hand, we have Hant who is the "Patrick Star" of the series and with Gunpei, well they do something pretty much anti-heroic since they steal something.  So yeah, some heroes in real life didn't have a good start.  At least they did manage to redeem themselves and learn it's not easy being a hero for the three parter.

Grand Prix 4 has it's title right with engine trouble.  This episode has Hant and Gunpei await for their engines which show up in this episode.  At this point, the two engines don't combine yet with Engine-Oh but it does some hilarious attacks.  We also see Kegalaisha's an idiot who turns red while she treats Spray Banki like her own child.  This is the episode when Gunpherd and Birca are introduced.

Grand Prix 5 has some important lessons.  So okay, I just couldn't agree on how both Gunpei and Hant got into the team but not every hero today had a good start.  Renn here shows his cooking skills aside from his scientific skills.  We also learn Hant is some sort of pervert but fortunately not that much.  The episode also focuses on Hant's decisions- girls or his team.  This episode has Birca merge with Engine-Oh the first time.

Grand Prix 6 is some development on Saki.  It also has the issues of Sosuke's delusions which makes the team nearly lose Saki.  Well, I do find Saki an airhead and Sosuke to be a a Spongebob-type idiot. They all think Saki wants to get married but she just wanted to fix her hair (she was looking at the shop window with a wedding dress).  The Speaker Banki plot felt like a rehash of the Jetman episode in a way.  So it's all that they think Saki was in love with Seiji (the flutist) but he just wanted to thank her.

Grand Prix 9 has a focus and (possible) shiptease between Hant and Saki though it's only fanon.  In this episode,  Well we do have Lens Banki here as another camera-inspired monster.  Saki and Hant both end up in Junk World.  The plan of this episode was to turn humans into Bankis, quite a common plot really to seek to turn humans into foot soldiers.  It was already done in Maskman, Dynaman (learned it only through the Dynaman parody dub) and later in Goseiger.  I would say Saki is pretty airheaded.

Grand Prix 10 has the Gaiarc use information from Lens Bankin.  They send Kagami Bankin against the Go-ongers.  We also discover Saki's a numbskull with making breakfast too sweet, which is stupid actually.  In this episode, the Engine Oh-G6 is formed to defeat Kagami Bankin.  This episode also shows Go-onger was pretty much about toys.

My Thoughts on the Hilarious Dynaman Parody Dub

The Dynaman Parody Dub is no doubt, utterly stupid but entertaining.  It was a six episode dub of the original Dynaman series, which took selected episodes and modified the whole story for the sake of being a parody.  Now here's what has changed:

First the Dynamen.  Dr. Kyutaro (Dr. Ho) gathers the Dynamen who are five good-looking Japanese from all walks of life.  Stupid reason to choose them... which unless he knew of their capabilities but what do you expect from a parody?  The names are changed to Wooshi (Red), Huba (Black), Franky (Blue), Cowboy (Yellow) and Slojin (Pink, though she hates pink).  I thought even how they were selected was funny.  And the show is full of exaggerated humor like Dr. Ho's saying he has tried a new bullet train that goes from Hong Kong to Tokyo, but it was a tiny train... hehehehehe!!!

The enemies are radically changed into people who just do evil antics.  Emperor Aton is now Bernie Tanaka and General Kar is Mel Fujitsu.  Both Bernie Tanaka and Mel Fujitsu used to be friends of Dr. Ho but one day, they were disfigured by a laboratory accident. They stole the Gene-Splicing Machine which they use to create monsters, and their wish is to create bad videos as part of their antics.  It's all about production and evil antics.  Bernie Tanaka is also served by his son Nigel Cochran (Prince Megiddo) and his niece Lucy (Princess Chimera).  I just thought that a Sentai villain team that's only after making stupid videos would be funny for a parody season.