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My First Few Super Far-Fetched Wishes For Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

It's no secret that 2017 would have another new Star Wars film this December and May 25, 1977 is the time when Star Wars: A New Hope premiered. Kyuranger pretty much a lot of American sci-fi influences considering that it has an American input. So what am I expecting for Kyuranger for the whole season? Here's some of my expectations which I don't expect to come true but wish they would.

Amazing Coincidences Between Yasuko Kobayashi And Judd Lynn?

I thought of a few things that I may have noticed about Judd Lynn and Yasuko Kobayashi all this time and decided to gather possible coincidences between the two writers. It took me some time to think about this one. These two beloved writers from their respective franchises are on burnout had some things in common aside from their writing styles:

1997 was the year that they both got hugely involved in their respective franchises

Kobayashi entered into the arena last 1997 with Megaranger where she wrote 13 episodes as a secondary writer. The Megaranger episodes she was wrote usually involved major plots which would train her for next year's task as the head writer of Gingaman. I felt her Megaranger episodes were among the best she contributed for Super Sentai.

Lynn himself was given a task similar to Toshiki Inoue replacing Tyuyoshi Kida as a head writer. He replaced Douglas Sloan midway in Power Rangers Turbo. This would be where Lynn himself would be tasked to become the head wri…

The Amazing Coincidence With Golion, Zyuranger, Lion Voltron And Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?

Image taken from Henshin Grid...

I felt like writing this editorial due to the launching of the Power Rangers movie and because it's also Zyuranger's 25th anniversary. With that in mind, I also remembered another series called Lion Voltron which was based on Beast King Golion. It's pretty much of a nostalgic trip since I watched both in the 90s but have no intention of rewatching them after seeing both Zyuranger and Golion in my older years.

Golion was a part of a long list of Super Robot while Lion Voltron was a first of its kind in the U.S. to start a new trend

Golion was already in the long list of Super Robot Anime with all the cliches from Combattler V and Voltes V. Although the concept was pretty innovative with its status as a legendary god of destruction but it didn't so so well in Japan. I don't think it was a failure but it just wasn't memorable. Was it because of the excess violence that its predecessors never had or was it too dark and edgy a show? M…

Five Reasons Why I Prefer GoGoFive Over Fiveman

One Two Three Four Five... GOGO FIVE! Since Fire Prevention Month is almost over, I decided I would write why I prefer GoGoFive over Fiveman. Theme repetition isn't necessarily bad if it wasn't overused or if the concept that explored. It's like how I think Abaranger improved the dinosaur concept, Kyoryuger may not be my favorite dinosaur Super Sentai but it did improve Battle Fever J's dancing by miles and how I feel Hurricanger is better than Kakuranger with the ninja plot. It's time to talk about the Tatsumi Family.

Kyuranger Space 6: Dance Party Kyuranger Anyone?

This week's Kyuranger seems to be a PSA of the power of the human will and the importance of putting one's heart. A new power called Pegasus gets introduced in this episode. Lucky learns to work with Pegasus in order to conquer the latest problem.

Kyuranger Space 5: The Nine Kyurangers Are Gathered

Whether or not majority of the events of Kyuranger will happen on Earth still remains to be seen. But it's certain next week's episode will be on a post-invasion Earth. People regain their fighting spirit when they realize that the Space Shogunate Jark Matter isn't invincible. This week features Stinger joining the Kyurangers and a not so typical plot twist. But I think Stinger will be my favorite Kyuranger and this episode tells you why.

Five Reasons Why I Think Ohranger Is Better Than Power Rangers Zeo

It's no secret that Ohranger had low ratings after Kakuranger. Ohranger wanted to be the most serious Super Sentai under Noboru Sugimura's watch. But events like the Sarin Gas cult attack on Tokyo Subway and the earthquake that year caused a forced retool. That resulted to Ohranger to switch between lighter and softer and darker and edgier more often than not. Then the show ended up as a super duper huge toy commercial to make up for low ratings. Carranger wasn't so fortunate either with ratings but still made it up for toy sales.

Let's take a look at the reason why I prefer Ohranger over the more popular (?) Power Rangers Zeo. Remember this is just my personal opinion so don't get too outraged by this one.

Can Super Sentai's Declining TV Ratings Be Attributed To TV's Dying State Due To Increasing Internet Viewership?

Super Sentai's ratings are declining yet it's still going on and it's still airing. Super Sentai's reached up to 40 years last year and we're having the 41st season with Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger. What I just ignored is that maybe, just maybe the low ratings of Super Sentai in terms of TV viewership may also be contributed to the fact that TV is dying. Yes, it's possible that Super Sentai may be getting a lot of viewers but aren't watching it on TV. They may be watching it over the Internet instead. With that in mind it's highly possible Super Sentai still sells but the TV ratings are low thanks to increasing Internet viewership.

Read on and don't forget to watch the videos in-between as you read my speculation!

Kyuranger Space 4: It's Time To Go To Post-Invasion Earth

The latest episode of Kyuranger goes back to Earth... literally. There's the quest to liberate Earth after it was occupied by the Galactic Empire Space Shogunate Jark Matter. They want to liberate the Earth for this reason: there's a lot and I mean a lot of Malistrates on Earth to defeat. It looks like that Jark Matter might be using Earth for the same reason as the Megabeast Empire.

My Current Top Ten Maskman Episodes (In Response To SentaiBandicoot Rambles)

Here's my response to SentaiBandicoot Rambles. Last time Sentai Bandicoot wrote about his favorite Maskman episodes. So here's a bit where I'm copying him. I'll consider story arcs as one episode as "one episode". I originally wanted to write a comment on my favorite episodes but it would be too long. So here's my list of favorite Maskman standalone episodes and story arcs.