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Monday, December 22, 2014

My Favorite Super Sentai Twas the Fight Before Christmas Specials

I would write on my favorite Super Sentai Christmas Specials.  Here they are in no specific order but I'll explain why I love them.

Dairanger's Christmas episodes.  I love this for being realistic to remind us that special days don't exempt us from tragedies.  It features Kou's Gorma heritage about to rise up, Akomaru's last minute redemption and even the death of their mother.  It really challenges us to think of what really matters in life.

Megaranger's Christmas episodes.  So the Megarangers want to celebrate Christmas but the villains well love ruining holidays don't they?  It's not just a filler as the Christmas episodes seek to conclude the fight against the Nejirangers.  I just love the action involved as well as the conflict within the Nejire.  The Nejirangers discover their purpose was to serve Dr. Hinelar as disposables... which will lead to Javious' death.  In the end, they were able to celebrate their holidays while Dr. Hinelar may have decided to take a holiday too... and resume back to his villainous ways after that.

Timeranger's three part Christmas episode tries to focus on family and time itself.  In a way, Ryuya arrives in the year 2000 to try and "set things right" or is it?  It also focuses Tatsuya's relationship with his estranged father for three episodes.  On the other hand, Tatsuya must either face or fight destiny when his descendant Ryuya predicts his father could die and he has to take over the Asami Enterprises.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yasuko Kobayashi's Different Shades of Red Ragers

Here's Yasuko Kobayashi's different red rangers after I wrote about her different shades of pink rangers.  Now I'd share my opinion on them.

Ryoma/Ginga Red- So I've seen at least 36 episodes of Gingaman (subbed) and I'm yet to bring in my overall critique.  However, he has given me some reasons to like him.  I like the plot where he is a stand-in red ranger, he does everything to fill in his supposedly dead brother's shoes and to do everything to uphold his duty as the current Ginga Red.  He has a strong sense of responsibility and wants to do everything to uphold honor.  I also like the idea where he wanted to return his powers to his brother Hyuga.

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red- Yet another "stand-in red".  In the Year 3000, one of his descendants namely Ryuya was the Time Red of that era.  When Yuuri, Ayase, Domon and Sion came in they had no choice but to make him Time Red.  I enjoy his trying to fight destiny itself especially against his father's wishes (his father also wanted to do the same but failed).  He and his descendant Ryuya both serve a contrast - while he goes against the values of self-interest, Ryuya somehow keeps the old self-serving habit to the point his descendant becomes a prototype to Masato Kusaka of Kamen Rider Faiz.  From this list, he's currently my favorite for the reason I can relate to him the most.

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red- He's supposedly the 18th head of the Shiba clan but in reality, he agreed to be a "stand-in lord" since he was a child.  His biological parents were also of samurai lineage and somehow friends with the Shiba family.  I would admit he used to be my top favorite Kobayashi red but as of late, he remains a favorite but not as much as I used to.  He's a great guy and I like the fact he has a mystery that gets revealed late in the series.  I also thought he was an interesting guy.  Still, I wonder why in the world did he get "adopted" as Kaoru's adoptive son?!  Shock value anyone?!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sentai Injustice: Messiah's Destruction on Christmas Eve!

I always thought that Messiah in Gobusters could have been more utilized but sigh why do I feel like he's an underutilized Venjix?  To be honest, I even find Enter REALLY ANNOYING.  What did think of Messiah's shutdown in episode 44?  I felt like the Messiah's true purpose wasn't really fulfilled.  In my opinion, he should have been written back into the finale.  However this is just my opinion on how Messiah should have been ended.

So why just limit Messiah's death to Christmas Eve?  I always thought that one way or another, I wanted Enter to really get some payback.  I mean, that Enter is more annoying than entertaining.  I always thought that maybe let the Gobusters and Enter think that Messiah is dead.  I dunno who's to blame between Yasuko Kobayashi or Naomi Takebe for this injustice.  I always thought that maybe let Enter be dormant for a few episodes.  Let Enter absorb the Messiah Card into himself but it creates the ultimate backfire.  Let everyone show that the Messiah is not a foe you can so easily crush down.

My wishful thinking towards Messiah's finale is this.  He gets reactivated inside Enter's body.  This may happen after Escape was destroyed by Enter for good.  Maybe, we can reveal that Escape being an extension of Messiah would transfer the data into Enter's body.  I would probably have some dialogue that will reveal a much chilling story towards Messiah's return.  The dialogue will go like, "So you thought you aborted me last Christmas Eve?  Let's face it!  You cannot destroy the Messiah virus and I am here, back in Enter's body!"  Enter tries to struggle with Messiah taking over his consciousness but it's too late! Messiah has returned!