Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yuuta Mochizuki to Meet Austin St. John Soon?

Power Morphicon Zyuranger
Former actor Yuuta Mochizuki will appear at the Power Morphcin 2014 where it is stated that he is to meet Austin St. John soon.  He was known to have appeared in Jetman as J1 before he appeared as Geki in Zyuranger.  He was also Koji Sekawa in the movie Kamen Rider J and Tuxedo Mask in a stage version of Sailormoon.  He reprised his role as Geki for Kyoryuger vs. Gobusters. (Source)

How will Austin St. John feel to meet Yuuta Mochizuki in person?  I just thought that both of them have gained weight, aren't active in Toku and are probably still Toku fans.  Now too bad Soga Machiko, Jun Tatara and Thuy Trang have already died.  Lucky guy, he will also get to meet stuntmen Hiroshi Maeda (Tyrano Ranger suit actor) and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Dragon Ranger suit actor).

After all, we had James Maclurcan meet the Go-onger cast before.  But does this guy know Japanese? I mean Japan is pretty low with its English literacy.  And I wonder how will Yuuta Mochizuki talk with Austin St. John?  Interpreter or did he study English?  I just can't wait!

Meanwhile I wonder how will the Super Sentai fantards and Power Rangers fantards react?!  Hee hee!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Radiguet and Shadam Compared

If there are two villains worth comparing to are Radiguet and Shadam.  So far Radiguet is considered by many as the most vile piece of scum ever.  If anybody else had succeeded in being close (or maybe exceeded him), it was Shadam who some may consider is worse.  And yes Shadam, I really wanted Daisuke Tachi to act out the character since the closest character to come close to Radiguet is... Shadam.  Both of them started out as de-facto leaders of their group.  Radiguet was the most powerful of the Vyram's elite.  Shadam is the most powerful of the Gorma Triumvirate.  In their case, neither of them wants to be ruled by another.  Both are in my list of favorite villains.

Both of them faced opposition from a child villain.  Radiguet had to deal with Tran (who later grew up to be Tranza).  Shadam had to deal with his own son Akomaru who he does not care about at all.  Obviously neither of them is ever child friendly.  Tran mocks Radiguet while Akomaru mocks his father Shadam.  I just thought in Shadam's case, you could feel more hatred for how he treats Akomaru.  With that scene in mind, I really wanted Tran's actor to be Akomaru and Daisuke Tachi to be Shadam.

Both Ryou and Ryu didn't only clash with a character played by Takumi Hirose, both of them also clashed with the supreme bastard of the show.  Radiguet hated Ryu the most and shared a powerful rivarly.  Shadam also hated Ryou.  Unlike Ryu, Ryou was able to settle his rivalry with Shadam out of suit killing the mad man in the process.

Both villains hated to be under somebody else' authority.  Radiguet didn't want Juuza to return knowing he will be a servant.  When Tranza became the de-facto emperor, he wanted to get rid of Tranza so he alone will rule everything.  In Shadam's case he hated the fact his son Akomaru was above him, he hated having Tenpou around and he also hated Gorma XV, since Shadam wants to rule the world by himself.  Shadam was more subtle about his hatred though compared to Radiguet's batshit insanity.  Both of them overthrow their superiors and became the final villains of their shows.

After overthrowing their superiors, both went ridiculously powerful beyond imagination but at the same time, were losing their remaining sanity.  So they got rid of their opposition, they are now literally the last man standing to face the heroes and are more than ready to fight the final battle.  Radiguet goes crazier after overthrowing Tranza such as turning Maria into a monster, Shadam begins his short reign as well.  Both suffered mental breakdown while they got more powerful.  Both of them also suffered a graphic death.  Radiguet had a mouthful of blood, Shadam had a mouthful of mud.

Toku Injustice: Writing Off Junior/Gasha Dokuro Too Soon!

I was inspired by Toku Warriors' post about Bilgenia to write this post. Here's my two cents.  So I'm still watching Kakuranger (and I have a LOT of distractions as of late), here's what I think about the short-lived Gasha Dokuru.  And I'm going to speak with some PR/Sentai comparison... unlike Rito Revolto who has a grand entrance but goes stupid for the rest of his term, Junior had an interesting 18 episode arc which for me is too short.  He was a ferocious son of a bitch, plus being played by Kenichi Endo, it makes the performance memorable.  He made the Kakurangers life literally so bad, I wished he stayed a little longer.

Now what went wrong?  Kakuranger is a great series but like Kamen Rider Black, it easily got rid of one character who I believed should have stayed longer.  Granted I saw MMPR first, I always wondered why Rito Revolto didn't get killed by the Ninja Megafalconzord.  Knowing that MMPR Season Three borrowed Kakuranger footage, I was thinking that it was probably just from the final battle.  Instead, episode 31 spelled the end of Junior.  He challenges the Kakurangers to his final battle and was destroyed by the newly formed Super Muteki Daishogun.  Then we have Daimaou calling him a fool but vowed to avenge him nonetheless.

Honestly speaking, Daimaou could have had his son's help in causing mayhem.  Just made me think, why did Kenichi Endo leave the show in the first place?  I mean, he was one freaking amazing actor. That moment for me was a waste of villain potential.  Sigh!  XP