Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sentai Badass Moment: Girls with Guns in Boukenger!

Now whether or not the Boukengers are alcoholics is still subject to opinion.  While most post-Timeranger Sentai usually fails to get me all that amazed, here was a rare moment in Boukenger that was really worth applauding.  The Boukengers have broken most of their transforming gadgets.  So what's there to it?  Sakura and Natsuki go on a real rampage with GUNS!  Hehehehehe!!!!!!!!

Sakura arrives with a gun... and shows she's definitely not going to be easily taken down.  Plus she's not just eye candy!  I would admit those scenes were really breathtaking fr me.  

 Fired up, both girls can show that they aren't ordinary girls.  On the other hand, handing Natsuki a rifle is equivalent to handing a kid a gun.  Now what in the world is Sakura thinking?  She must have gone drinking lots of liquor prior to this insane but badass scene!

Well enough of the breathtaking view... let's move on to the real fight scene!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sentai Comedy: Takeru's Past in Hikari Sentai Maskman

Maskman had one particular episode that I found funny... but at the same time not all that surprising.  I mean Takeru back 13 years ago remind me of me as a child.  Now here's where the comedy is really kicking in...

At the beginning of the episode, Takeru demonstrates his badass karate.  Yes it's really, REALLY impressive to see all that.  You hardly see that in new school Sentai.  Now the whole plot involved time travel because Igam wanted to eliminate Takeru in the past... and for a plan, it certainly IS a good one.  Kill Takeru in the past, the Maskmen are forever disbanded.  However the episode felt comedic when things don't turn out the way it should be.

But the Maskmen meet a WAY different Takeru than their leader.  Now, it made me think of the Shinkenger episode where Takeru Shiba's secret of peeing on his pants over a ghost house incident was funny... but this one is a bigger, darker secret than the second Takeru in the amusement park.  Just think, everybody meets Takeru way before he became the good person he is today.  

Sentai Moment of Badass: Momoko's Out of Suit Battle in Maskman Episode 20!

Maskman episode 20 is another great badass episode... which also led to a trap.  Momoko was the target... and this episode still shows how badass she can get.  She may be pretty and sexy... but even roses have its thorns.  

The episode featured Momoko taking some children as her disciples.  But wait... this annoying braggart of a troll woman arrives to cause trouble.  Well something was suspicious about this woman.  It's a pity to see Momoko in such a predicament.  However it's also what leads to her being badass until she falls down from being beaten up.

First, I thought it was kind of idiotic of Momoko to fight unmorphed.  But wait... remember she has to keep her promise to the children right?  Besides, she wanted to teach them the value of fighting with the human body.  All I can say is Anagbas really set his trap right... and Momoko was at her most vulnerable.  The despicable plan of Tube to use Momoko's love for children against her was one of their best schemes ever!

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