Thursday, October 23, 2014

Super Sentai Villains and Their Typically Convoluted and/or Unbelievable Plans!

While rewatching Kamen Rider Black and reading this post by Shogo B'Stard, I want to tackle on one topic on Super Sentai villains and their convoluted and/or unbelievable plots.  Now these plans are usually deadly to civilians but sometimes, it makes you think what in the world are these villains planning?!  I even can't imagine the accounting done in these rather stupid and absurd plans!  Now seldom you have good plans from the regular villains but most of the time, just don't expect a practical plan from them!

1.) Some plans are just questionably stupid to achieve the goals of the enemy organization but may be effective for another or if solely used against the Sentai team

In Maskman episode four "The Dangerous Mebius Tunnel" now the plan can be effective IF your goal was to raise the Sanzu River.  I mean, you might want to consider this... not all cars pass through tunnels.  I find this convoluted plan effective IF they were aiming at the Maskmen and get them stuck there for ALL ETERNITY.... or two, Doukoku would love this plan because all the despair would cause the Sanzu River to rise.  But remember Tube's objective is to turn the world into a living darkness... and this plan DOES NOT achieve any of that!

Dordora's plan to make everyone lazy in Fiveman episode 6 was not a bad idea but pretty unbelievable in terms of execution.  For instance, wouldn't the plan work better if she hit the Fivemen with the laziness spores?  If she did use the mushroom's ability on either one of them, she could have caused serious damage to the Fivemen.  Like just think if Remi became lazy as a result of the spores, she would need that willpower then what if you hit all of them?  Wouldn't that be better?

2.) A villain plan to turn humans into monsters is a good idea but these villains lack common sense in how to carry them out.  So far, Warstar's version was the most effective rather than having to wait for people to mutate.

For example, I remembered that episode in Maskman when Fuumin was setting herself up as an idol (very convincing disguise), she signs everyone with a weird pen (I mean that was a very dead giveaway that something was wrong), they set up a show, get some of the blood from the MOTW.  I mean, if were to execute this plan, I'd probably just get a regular pen, fill it with blood and you know, hide the monster as much as possible.  Or better yet, I could just pollute the water supply of Tokyo to turn everyone into Unglers!  Igam's plan in episode 24 was more sensible thoug considering polluting a dam with a mutation substance would help the plan move faster.

In Fiveman, I can't forget the classic case of Dongoros' being a real moron.  Why is that?  Now, I do think that the plan to turn babies into monsters to take over Earth is a good idea.  I mean, they wouldn't shoot if the monsters were their babies.  However the problem with Dongoros is why did he have to turn them into eggs first?!  Why not JUST MUTATE THEM into monsters immediately?!  Another good plan defeated by a lack of common sense!

List of Super Sentai Archers

Here's Super Sentai's list of archery rangers:

Akira Shinmei/Ao Ranger- He's the first archer in Super Sentai but I haven't seen enough Goranger to actually critique on him on a more proper manner.

Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four II- After Mika bit the dust, Jun Yabuki took over  Now here was one attack that made Jun distinct over Mika and it's the Bio Arrow.  After all, Jun was an archer so why not give her that kind of weapon in combat?  She was able to use her arrow first on Mettlzer on episode 11, her archery career was on focus in episode 13 where she accidentally wounded Shiro/Red One.  She fires it with extreme accuracy too.  Now ONLY if we get another Jun Yabuki in future installments.

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin- She's the second blue ranger who is an archer and the first female blue ranger to be an archer.  Her father trained her as an archer which gives her an edge in archery.  She has shown these skills both in suit and out of suit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tac the Owl's Possible Symbolic Representation in Timeranger

Timeranger has its obvious shout-outs to itself as a time themed Sentai.  For example you have the Chrono Changers, the Timerangers having Vector Blades representing short hand and long hand but what about Tac?  Now here's my analysis of the symbol of the use of the owl.

The owl was a symbol of the status, wealth and intelligence, In mythological use, the owl was the ruler of the night, seer of souls and keeper of spirits and its symbolic meanings included transition (read here).  It is also teaches discretion, the need of a private sanctuary, being attentive and listening (read here).  Isn't this all Tac does in Timeranger?

For intelligence, Tac has the database of all the alien criminals in the 31st Century and what they have been doing, their charges and so on.  He provides advice to the Timerangers on how to handle their current mission which makes him a symbol of wisdom.  In Greek mythology, Athena the goddess of wisdom also has pet owl.

Now what about the owl's symbolisms to private sanctuary, attentiveness and listening?  The Timerangers must listen to Tac because he knows a lot about the alien criminals because he has data on them.  The Timerangers have their private sanctuary in a place that Tatsuya rents to be away from his family.  The Timerangers are required to listen to Tac because he knows how to handle the case, he gives advice to them as well.

For other attributes of the owl being a ruler of the night, Time Shadow comes into mind.  As a seer of souls and keeper of spirits, it might also be symbolized by the fact he can sense Space-Time pulses.

Any mistakes?  Let me know!