Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Episode Writers' Analysis Part 14: Juuken Sentai Gekiranger

Gekiranger was the first Michiko Yokote trio headwriting job and it's a pretty good series (sadly Goseiger fell apart).   This was one season that had two major writers namely the Michiko Yokote trio (24 episodes) and Naruhisa Arakawa (11 episodes).

Michiko Yokote (main writer) : 1-6, 10-11, 15-16, 19-21, 24, 28, 32, 34-35, 37, 40, 44-45, 48-49 (24 eps)

Lesson 1-2 introduces us to the basics of Gekiranger.  Apparently here, the Michiko Yokote trio had a proper direction in their writing.  I just love they manage to introduce the story's Gekirangers as well as Rio and Mele.  We know something about them for two episodes, which is really a cool introduction.  I just love how Jan is realistically written (in a way) that he even acts more uncivilized because he's a jungle boy.  For Jan, he is still unsure of where his parents are.

Lesson 3 shows a lesson for us in cleaning.  Jan doesn't see it at first but it allows him to defeat the Buffalo Ken user Gyuuya.  So we realize that in martial arts, they play different types of training to make sure that you develop character every step of the way.

Lesson 4 begins the Five Venom Ken arc.  I found the whole meeting with the champion ice skater Junko Yamagata to be another, "Well apply this to martial arts scene."  The episode had Rio realizing that his true rival is not Sha Fu but Jan.  The Gekirangers must get the antidote to cure Sha Fu.  I just love how they used the Kaleido Spin to get the antidote.  Rio realizes that the fight will not be so easy to win.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Maskman 20- Why I Think Momoko Was Tube's Target

Maskman 20 for me leaves a question of why Momoko in the first place was the target.  I mean, they did notice that Akira is the weakest mentally speaking (but he matures along the way), so why Momoko?  Momoko is certainly not a weakling as this episode shows but one must realize, strength is not always how you can win a battle.  I mean, in history some people won not as badass soldiers but as great thinkers regardless of gender.  I guess at that point, Tube considered Momoko as the weakest member though we see that she is also tough-ass.  But there's more than just strength that they would have focused why they attacked her in the first place.

Momoko is shown to be a tai chi teacher and she is fond of children.  Okay she may not be handling school in the academic sense like Kasumi/Five Pink or Mako/Shinken Pink but she is teaching students.  We don't know what she was in the past, maybe like Haruka she was too focused on martial arts and well, too bad there are times in Super Sentai that backstories aren't featured (she and Kenta remain more of a mystery in terms of back stories).  I guess Tube during their spy missions and whatever discovered that Momoko is fond of children and that she will do anything to protect them.  I guess they were busy gathering data on her and the others.  I guess they knew Momoko would do anything to protect a bunch of kids.  The enemy would use any dirty trick to win and they know true heroes and heroines would rather die than give up on principles.   Any good teacher would be easily exploited when his or her students are in danger, Momoko is no exception to the rule!

No matter how badass Momoko is, she has her limits.  I guess by now the Tube knew of her promise to the children by spying on her through some unknown methods.  By spiting her with a wicked woman in Kotsuhi, her weak spot was exploited.  She fought unmorphed because of her promise ot the children.  She placed her life in front of everything else.. especially for the two young lives that were in danger.  Momoko may be badass in her own way but her limits came.  I guess Anagbas finally found the perfect opportunity to target Momoko, especially she had a promise to keep for the sake of the students she had in this episode.  In this episode, anybody who handles a group of children would be easily vulnerable to their manipulative attacks.  And at that point, Momoko was a teacher to a group of children.

To be honest, it's really despicable how villains manage to exploit anybody's feelings.  And I guess they figured out that Momoko was at her "weakest".  But she chose to risk herself for two young lives who could have died if she didn't intervene at all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Episode Writers' Analysis Part 13: Gougou Sentai Boukenger

Well it's time for Boukenger and we,, a really overrated series even I myself overrated it.  Made me really think that I enjoyed Sho Aikawa's being the head writer of Kamen Rider Blade which was a serious season vs. this lighter and softer season.  It was an adventure theme but let's just see... I thought that I kept rewinding this season sine I had lesser access to other Sentai (then again, I can't trust those crap dubs either)... now for the episode analysis:

Sho Aikawa (main writer): 1-11, 17-20, 25-26, 29-30, 33, 47-49 (23 eps)

Tasks 1-3 introduces us to the first three villain factions namely Gordom, Jaryuu and Dark Shadow.  In this episode, we get a glimpse of the characters' personalities though I failed to notice much of the character flaws most of the team are jerks.  So the beginning has Satoru wanting to drop Masumi into the lava?  WTH?  I just thought that we get a blur picture of how the villaisn will be.

Task 4 has a focus on Satoru and Ryuon as rivals to each other.  The episode has the Bouken Drill on focus which is used to rescue the stranded Boukengers.  The Boukengers are not yet all that ready to use the upgrade but they were able to so anyway.

Task 5 has the Imperial Pearl episode.  At this point, we have Sakura developing a rivalry with Shizuka.  Sakura learns the value of a smile in that episode.

Task 6 has the cursed fog and Gordom.  The cursed fog has some moderate nightmare fuel where the Boukengers get lost whenever they are hit by the cursed liquid.  I do love how Natsuki and Sakura are able to get out of this episode.  Sadly, Natsuki tends to lose all character development.