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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Wooden Shack in Jetman and Shinkenger

While reading through Orends Range, here's one site I failed to notice.  It's the wooden shack in Shinkenger could be the same wooden shack in Jetman.  It made me think of a bit of similarities here.  Now for some comparisons and differences:

In Chojin Sentai Jetman episode 50 one can see Ryu nursing to Kaori who manages to survive Radiguet's attack.  Now it's questionable really since she was out of suit when it happened, it could have killed her. It was in this shack that Kaori tries to reach out of Ryu one way or another. This was the scene where Ryu was still obsessed with killing Radiguet for murdering Rie.  Ryu was lost in revenge and wanting only to avenge Rie.  Kaori reminds Ryu of who he really is... a Jetman and the warrior that Rie loved so much.  She reminded him of Rie's last words prior to their final battle with Radiguet.

The scene was somewhat copied into Shinkenger but in another way.  Here Takeru Shiba and Mako have another scene.  Takeru Shiba recklessly fights Juzo and nearly wounds himself.  Mako wants to find out what's wrong with him.  Unlike Ryu and Kaori, nothing romantic is ever implied, just Mako trying to figure out what's wrong with Takeru Shiba.  With the scene where she shoves him off but she follows him while suspecting something is wrong.  Takeru Shiba doesn't admit the truth yet about who he really is, he doesn't want to put Mako nor anyone in danger for him.  This scene still creates some dramatic tension between Mako and Takeru Shiba... because she is hiding something.  No one knows, not even the audience knows what it is until Shinkenger episode 46.

My Foolish Childhood Ambition vs. Dr. Man's Backstory!

Perhaps one reason why Bioman somehow clicks to me is this... before I saw it I had my craziest ambition to become the world's greatest genius.  My memory is blur and I don't remember everything about it since it was at least 21 years ago but I can still think of that one moment in my life that traumatized me SO MUCH... that memories of stuff a few years ago tends to fade in my head.    The event happened BEFORE I saw Bioman which was why this scene terrified me as a kid!

Recalling what my mind could recall, around seven or eight years old, I began with the obsession of artificially increasing my intelligence.  I wanted to start a series of experiments that would convert my mind into like that of a computer.  It was because I suck at Math I wanted to have the mind of a computer.  I viewed machines as never wrong and having viewed too much cartoons, I wanted to ameliorate my brain.  It was also because people were calling me stupid I wanted to become the world's greatest genius.

Which of course, it's no wonder why I had my fright with Dr. Man's origins.  I wanted to artificially increase my intelligence no matter what.  I believed by sending shocks to my brain, it can trigger the intelligent cells and make me more intelligent.  Funny how Bioman's backstory of Dr. Man showed me my foolish thoughts.

In my case, I believed a higher IQ would boost my chances of success.  I was soon going down from the top ranks and entered into the bottom ranks.  I didn't want that to happen so I began to think, "I must become the world's greatest genius!"  It was my ambition back then to become a robotics scientist which never came to pass considering I suck in Math and physics.  I was simply deluded into believing I could become the world's greatest genius.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sentai Badass Moment Villain Edition: Kiros' Introduction in Maskman!

If heroes had badass moments, why not the villains?  Kiros is one badass villain in Maskman and you can see that even when he's alone, he's really a threat to the Maskmen.  He's a game changing villain YOU CANNOT MESS WITH.

What made Kiros pretty badass was this.  Come on, you don't see a stray villain arrive and one day, he FREAKING DESTROYS THE TEAM WEAPON!  He doesn't hesitate to use his mutant horse to assist him.  Just when you think the Shot Bomber will help, he destroys it.  I just thought he's one badass villain and this is one of the best Sentai villains ever!

Which of course, we do know his motivations.  He plans to destroy the Maskmen so Zeba would reward him Princess Ial, the girl of his dreams.  What I do love about his arrival is that he creates an even more menacing rival than Igam.

Episode 27 shows a badass scene where Kiros not only draws out the Maskmen to battle but he wants to kill Takeru.  It was also in that episode he learns that Takeru is Ial's lover which he CANNOT take lightly.  He has every motivation to want to fight Takeru to the death.  What makes him really interesting is that his lust for Ial and his hatred for Takeru makes him a really badass villain.  Come on, no one can deny that this one villain badass moment!  He's not a point blank assassin who just wants a fight, he has his motivations to which makes him a real threat to Takeru than just being a stalker who wants a taste of blood.  He has no sense of honor and he would do ANYTHING to get rid of Takeru, even attack his opponent in the weakest state.