How Many Space-Themed Or Space-Related Toku From Toei Have You Tried Watching Aside From Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger?

Kyuranger has ended, I enjoyed it a lot but I still feel like my head's still in space while Lupinranger vs. Patranger is enjoyable with its new concept. But I'd like to do a throwback challenge once more. After I did the Arsene Lupin challenge then let's take the challenge to space shall we? So I'll give what I've seen and I hope you can give your own stand. I lost the Lupin challenge and I wonder if I've won this challenge.

The Space Sheriff Trilogy would be where I'm most familiar with though I have barely saw Sharivan. Yup, I'm more familiar with Gavan and Shaider. Gavan was dubbed as Sky Ranger Gavan in the Philippines -- it was only years later did I discover that it was not Sky Ranger but Space Sheriff and that some of the guest actors were big time stars. I'd say Shaider is probably my least favorite. I didn't like it that much as a child and my mind hasn't changed about it as an adult. Strangely, I didn't like Solbrain as a child but I ended up enjoying it more as an adult.

Years later, I remembered watching Dekaranger for one super dull reason (Jasmine) all the while enjoying the unique storytelling. Later, I just felt the Dekaranger hype isn't too worth it anymore after Dekaranger: Ten Years After even if it were penned by Naruhisa Arakawa himself. I thought that I wish to treat it as a what if scenario even if it was penned by Naruhisa Arakawa himself. Years later, it would get linked with the Gavan vs. Dekaranger movie which didn't feel too much it was written for children. I wonder will Kyuranger vs. Space Sheriff contain more violence than Kyuranger itself? I can't wait to see it.

Kamen Rider Fourze was a fun space trip. It celebrated its anniversary last year. It was also in contrast to 2012's Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters -- it was a fun series while the latter was more on the serious side. Sure, I tried giving Kamen Rider Super-1 a watch (which hardly focused on the space thing but tried to introduce it anyway) -- I ended up thinking that I don't really care too much about old school Kamen Rider except those that started from Kamen Rider Kuuga. Fourze was full of new technique CGI for the space scenes. It made me wish that we'd get a space themed Super Sentai. Fortunately, five years later we have Kyuranger. Both shows are fun watches with some occasional nightmare fuel (Zodiarts and Don Armage).

I watched Juspion subbed by Megabeast Empire some time ago before Kyuranger. Personally, I don't find it that enjoyable except for the action scenes done by Seiki Kurosaki or for Mad Gallant's actor Junichi Miyashita. I still think it was enjoyable for the action scenes but I thought Kyuranger managed to improve its concept. It wasn't really too much of my cup of tea and I don't feel like watching it all over again. Is it me or did Gavan have better charm? But I don't deny that Juspion could be a seed to Kyuranger's planetary travels which was done more frequently. Juspion had them for a few episodes then ended up taking all battles on Earth without leaving it every now and then.

I also think about two late 80s Super Sentai seasons namely Dengeki Sentai Changeman and Choshinsei Flashman. Grown Ups In Spandex has been so slow (probably due to real life issues) so LordTranza33 saved Changeman and finished subbing everything. Hopefully, the subber will also do the same for Flashman. Changeman may be pretty much military but it had a lot of space elements. It may be old school but it's full of super intense action scenes. I've only seen Flashman through available Grown Ups In Spandex subs and Dead Fish Fan Subs but I consider it to be a pretty great show. Both shows really are great 80s classics which tried to do whatever they could with very limited technology back then.

I even don't have any familiarity with Blue SWAT. In truth, I hardly know anything but that show which came after Janperson. I wonder how many people are familiar with this show? I even feel like I want to watch the show but may no longer get the chance to. I still feel that watching Blue SWAT may just be a dream right now.

What about you? How many space-themed shows from Toei have you tried watching? Are you willing to watch them all? Are you willing to take this challenge as well to watch them all? Hehe.