Wishful Thinking: Satoru/Masumi/Sakura Love Triangle In Boukenger

After watching Lupiranger vs. Patranger's first episode that I have my Boukenger hype all over again. But since it's Valentine's Day -- I decided to write this post on what Boukenger may have needed IMHO though some fans may disagree. So what's my latest view? I decided to rewatch some Jetman episodes that focused on the whole Gai loves Kaori but she loves Ryu and Ryu loves Rie scenario. But would such a similar scene work in Boukenger?

I remembered a couple of times I did some Jetman/Boukenger comparisons -- such as comparing the rivalry of Satoru and Ryuon to Ryu and Radiguet or Satoru and Masumi have a Ryu vs. Gai rivalry minus the love triangles. So I thought wouldn't it be "fun" to throw Sakura into the picture? She's from a rich family and she joins the Boukengers to escape her boring life -- and I felt like she needed an episode where she has a snotty fiance that Masumi beats up. But that might only happen if Toshiki Inoue were one of its major contributors!

I don't think Satoru needs to be loving a shadow. Masumi's a loner (and he's obviously a nod to Gai Yuki) and I think that he should have been also made a womanizer and an anti-hero who smokes and drinks some fine wines -- which would make him the perfect liquor scout for the Boukengers as they get into drunken adventures! But one thing's certain -- both Satoru and Masumi are rivals regardign to who's the greater adventurer between the two. I personally prefer the depth of the Ryu vs. Gai rivalry all the while I think it could have worked itself into Boukenger where I throw Sakura into the mix.

Masumi's attraction to Sakura wouldn't be physical. I remembered the whole Jetman episode where Kaori slapped Gai -- it was love at first slap! I think Masumi may be attracted to Sakura's gutsy behavior than her appearance. All the while, Sakura is in love with Satoru who is somewhat oblivious but may have feelings. I think instead of the whole Masumi likes Sakura but Sakura likes Satoru scene -- what if Satoru himself is also vying for Sakura's feelings at the same time? I wouldn't want to recycle Jetman's scenario with Ryu and make Satoru slowly reveal his feelings for Sakura at the same time.

I think a couple of episodes could have worked this out. No, we don't need a birthday party for Satoru either. I think the Ashu Arc and the Cinderella episodes could've worked out. I think the introduction of the Ashu could have tried to reuse some Jetman scenes. The Ashu are looking for warrior blood and Sakura ends up getting baited after she "proves herself". Sakura is about to be sacrificed to revive the Ashu and Masumi wounds himself to offer his blood in her place. The Cinderella episode could work itself out like maybe Satoru and Masumi could have a heated argument. Sakura feels like the team is divided because of her and feels guilty about every moment each of them try to win her over.

But it doesn't need to be overly dramatic. It can be more comedic with occasional drama. It could lead to moments of maturity where Masumi may freely let Sakura go if it makes her happy. It may involve Satoru not wanting to split their team apart -- telling Masumi that if he loves Sakura then he should go for it. IMO, I wish this love triangle existed in Boukenger. =P