Keiichiro Asaka/Patren-1 Is My Favorite Character In Lupinranger VS. Patranger

It's no secret that Lupinranger vs. Patranger is nearly coming to an end considering that 2018 is almost over. Now, I'd like to write why I think Keiichiro Asaka/Patren-1 is my favorite character in said show! Read on and find out why he's my favorite character!

So what makes me like Keiichiro? I could have easily taken the easy way out and pick Kairi or even the recent Noel as my favorite. But Keiichiro? Well, I always think about the number of times he ends up as a comedic goofball but he's a badass comedic goofball. He's always determined to do his job and make sure that justice prevails. He may actually lack a certain degree of intelligence while he always makes up for it with his never give up attitude -- something I wish I had more than I did have it back then! He may have gotten into peril way too many times yet he always makes up for it with his dedication and loyalty to his friends. Also, he would rather put the safety of people first than his desire to arrest both the Lupinrangers and the Ganglers.

Where did my love for this character start? Lupinranger's 14th and 15th episodes started it. I just can't get over how he got poisoned, he got into danger and yet he stubbornly refuses to give up because he knows his team is powerless without him. Stubborn yet he always does everything to push himself beyond the limits. He just doesn't care what happens to him for the sake of others. I always viewed him as the kind of police officer that would actually benefit everyone in spite of his lack of intelligence in some way. I just love how this guy does things! He just doesn't know when to give up as long as it's for the good of others!

Another favorite episode of mine was his one-time love interest Mana where he actually goes shy about it. It just reminds me the whole phrase that it's easier for me to say "I'll be praying to God for your success." than to say "I love you." right? Both aren't the same thing (because praying for someone's success never automatically means romantic feelings) yet that's what Keiichiro said to Mana -- he's somewhat hesitant to admit his true feelings. I just thought how it was a sad episode to see Mana move away. Was Keiichiro thinking she would be a hindrance? Hmmm but what if writers would want to start shipping him with Tsukasa Myojin which could be a better pairing because he needs a woman with a brain to help him from his impulsiveness?

Further episodes show how him despite his bad temper also can be calm and collected. Sure, he gets rash in more than one occasion yet he also managed to do an amazing job in infiltrating a group of criminals in the 30th episode with some out-of-suit action scenes. I really find it that amazing that he managed to keep his cover, pretending he was a criminal without actually ruining said operation -- maybe that proves he's actually still smarter than Sakuya in many ways. He also starts to notice something about Kairi (who he doesn't know is Lupin Red yet) and Noel. He is starting to prepare for whatever things may happen before the show ends!