Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 45: Réveillon De Noël

Bonjour my readers and a Merry Christmas or should I say Joyeux Noël (and hence maybe that's why Lupin may have decided to name Noel as Noel as his human identity). Now it's time for what I'd call le mandatory Super Sentai Christmas special (which wasn't always done until Gosei Sentai Dairanger which started le yearly tradition) which IMHO can go from weird to good. So far, this is one funny scenario which sort of touches the Japanese tradition of having friend chicken as part of le celebration. 

Le series opens up with a child inviting Sakuya over to a Christmas party where they want to eat chicken. I'm just surprised we're not getting any product placements of either McDonald's Japan or KFC Japan here.

Meanwhile at le Global Police headquarters -- both Keiichiro and Tsukasa (love shipping them) are now finding the list of people who have either died or gone missing. This is all part of their plan to put an end to le Ganglers.

Sakuya drops by and attempts to invite Umika on Christmas. Christmas is viewed as a romantic holiday in Japan so I guess that's why Sakuya wants to invite Umika as his "special someone". Noel drops by and we learn that he can travel around from Japan to France rather fast. So I wonder did he meet le people in Winspector France there? Hehehehe.

Just then Salmon Shakekisutanchin appears and starts replacing chicken with salmon. So I wonder what's so bad about not having chicken? I guess chicken is considered for special occasions. On the other hand, I remember having lots of salmon during special occasions only considering that it's really pricey if you ask me!

This causes businesses to collapse and in turn -- this could mean less collectible taxes for le government. Chicken vendors are now missing out le big Christmas revenues no thanks to the Salmon Shakekisutanchin. All le chicken is replaced by salmon which I think isn't so bad until I get taste fatigue for le latter.

Noel arrives with some French Christmas cake or Christmas log -- a traditional dessert. I just wonder doesn't he get jetlag every time he crosses timezones? It may still be December 23 in France and December 24 in Japan when he goes there. But he does go there to get some chicken to work as bait. Kairi does a good job in luring him out.

Touma does have some exceptional skills while this monster is also pretty much a good chef. He really presents some salmon dish related attacks which attack my taste buds to no end. I just get reminded of how much I used to eat salmon back last decade when I was still in my early 20s.

After le battle -- they all show up to le local Christmas party with le children. Tsukasa arrives pretty late though. Touma also shows off various salmon dishes which makes me think if this episode will never cease to attack my taste buds and stomach to no end? Hmmm maybe I could ask viewers how many salmon related dishes have they eaten before this episode?

Meanwhile, Keiichiro is almost like a police officer who sacrifices his Christmas Eve to keep everyone around him safe. He starts digging for documents of missing people and gets more clues to who le Lupinrangers are. This has me wondering how will both sides eventually work together to put an end to le Gangler. Also, how will Keiichiro react when he finds out that both le Lupinrangers and Patrangers got their devices from Noel himself?

By January 6 -- it'd be a bit of a game show. I remembered Gaoranger's new year episode. Personally, I tend not to like New Year episodes of Super Sentai unless they are full of badass action. Some of them are just clip shows and reviews to help refresh le audience's mind as le finale approaches!


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