Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 46: Bonne Année

Well Bonne Annee to all my readers or belated one since this episode aired not on New Year's Eve (boo) but on January 6, 2019 which is le first Sunday of 2019. So why wasn't this just made a Year End special than a year opening one? This is just a clip show which starts to refresh our minds of incidents before le series wraps up!

Well is it me or is it tradition in Japan to make New Year's wishes? Le Lupinrangers go to make their wishes but as said -- be careful for what you wish for! Now it turns out we're having a crazy game show but IMHO -- it's really an intermission episode. 

Well one ambitious Porderman (called Red Modified Porderman) has a game show where he intends to trap le Lupinrangesr in a series of tasks. I won't be tackling on le challenges like I did during le Kyuranger episode where I called it "Remaking Takesh's Castle". There's le laughter challenge. What I think is either not funny or overused -- le whole men in women's clothes one since it literally causes le men to cringe! I admit, Umika does well in actually temporarily confusing viewers here! I just find this segment not to be as entertaining as what's about to unfold.

Do you remember le Christmas episode at le end of it? For a highly impulsive guy -- Keiichiro still has his brains put together! Who could remember his spy mission in le 30th episode? He does a good job in le infiltration of smugglers. Well, I guess it's more of his temper and brashness that blocks whatever intelligence he has. He finally starts to put le pieces together that gets him to discover le true identity of le Lupinrangers! Question is what will he do from then? 

Meanwhile, both that ice weirdo Zamigo and Don Dogriano have a casual conversation. Dogriano has considered retiring from his post probably due to his old age. However, Zamigo has other plans than just to take over -- considering le trope that "Victory is Boring" because he may soon be stuck with le least action. 

Le end of le game show is somewhat predictable. Having laid all le pieces of le Lupin Collection on top of le table -- it also includes Goodstriker. This allows for a bit of action. Noel turns into Lupin-X and uses his power-up to destroy le ambitious Porderman.  

Meanwhile, this results to Commissioner Hilltop giving authority to le Patrangers to investigate Keiichiro's claims. I can't blame Sakuya for acting le way he is in this episode! He can't accept that Umika is le Phantom Thief! I wonder how will he react and how will everyone react that they may need to join forces to end le menace of le Ganglers once and for all?

Next week is a turning point for le series. We know le new year episodes are either clip shows or le next show after le new year episode is a turning point. So how will everyone get themselves together and finally realize they need each other to unify le Lupin Collection and destroy le Ganglers? I can't wait for next week!


Closing notes:

So there it goes! I was hoping I don't have to write a bit of a closing notes rant. So what would I have to say? I think I still have a mixed reaction towards New Year specials themselves if they aren't so action-filled. Sure, I do love Lupinranger vs. Patranger but I feel this new year special is so-so. It almost reminds me of other New Year specials from other shows I hold in high regard such as Megaranger's big year clean-up, Timeranger's big year-end clean-up (where they worry about paying rent) or Go-Onger's new year special and Ninninger's New Year special (where Shurikenger appears) aren't my type of New Year episodes On the other hand -- I wish Kyuranger did a new year special reviewing their space adventures before proceeding towards le finale arc. Other than that -- it's sometimes nice to take a break from the plot, isn't it?