Why The SPD Is More Popular Than Dekaranger In Japan Rumor Is Unrealistic

I heard of a rumor that Power Rangers SPD was supposedly more popular than Japan. Huh? Really? It was like the rumor that Lost Galaxy was supposedly more popular than Gingaman in Japan which was long proven false by Sentai Bandicoot aka Fantasy Leader. So I thought about the whole rumor and why it's just blatantly false.

While I do admit that the Dekaranger main cast voiced their SPD counterparts, I do admit Power Rangers gets dubbed into Japanese in Japan but is it really all that popular? I think Power Rangers only gets dubbed in Japan for cultural exchange reasons (and I don't buy the story that the franchise is supposedly an act of "cultural erasure" either) but lying that SPD is supposedly more popular than Dekaranger in Japan is uncalled for. Was it from the same people who spread the rumor that Lost Galaxy (which was popular in the U.S.) was more popular than Gingaman (which was popular in Japan)? I can't be certain but seems like it.

Now it's time for me to do a bit of common sense testing. I may not really be that much of a Dekaranger fan now (well you can thank Winspector, Solbrain and maybe even GoGoFive for that) but I thought about but let's think of Dekaranger after 10 years. Dekaranger: Ten Years After came out and you can consider what came in next. You don't have the cast of Power Rangers SPD showing up or Toei begging the SPD cast (which isn't directly under them but under Disney or whoever co-owns Power Rangers with Toei) for later projects. Instead, you've got Dekaranger showing up for one Kyuranger episode and it was followed up by the Gavan vs. Dekaranger movie -- so where was SPD in all of that? None! We should have had Gavan vs. Power Rangers SPD. Instead, we had Gavan vs. Dekaranger which proves how said rumor is false.

Once again, the Power Rangers snobs are probably just still weeping tears of blood with their rumor mill falling apart in this day and age -- their own fandom must be spewing them out. Super Sentai DVD is now a thing and some Power Rangers fans are buying them starting with Zyuranger. Although I doubt it that Super Sentai will ever be aired but I think we're just another step closer. Just think we have a Hurricanger DVD release which means an Abaranger DVD release is just around the corner -- which may inevitably lead to a Dekaranger DVD release. Hehehehehe!