Super Sentai Strongest Battle Week 2: The Mysterious Secretive Armor

Just who in the world or who in the f*** (pardon the language) is Gaisorg who first appeared last week? Okay, I'm already thinking that the Dragon Quest battle theme needs to be played here with this guy. Gaisorg appears and he's harassing everyone. He's seeking for the strongest Super Sentai warriors to feed his bloodlust. 

I have to admit that it seems Koichi Sakamoto's fondness of explosions makes you wonder if he and Michael Bay are secretly working together. Gaisorg delivers a destructive blow which Akaninger blocks. Is Captain Marvelous always meant to be that jerk with a heart of gold type character who'd rather handle his problems on his own? Seems like it! I like how Stinger arrives and tries to talk sense into Captain Marvelous.

So as expected, Rita does have some diabolical plan. She's mad at Gaisorg for interrupting but turns out that he had a ticket to the competition all along. My theory is that Rita's probably a forgetful villain who runs the Nemesis Palace. Heck, I want to imagine she could be Bandora's niece or what since I heard that the ultimate motive is to resurrect Dai Satan as part of some destruction plan.

It's really tension in the main team when you think about Yamato lecturing Captain Marvelous. He recalls their team-up last 2016. Super Sentai fans would understand that Captain Marvelous is indeed one who has a high sense of pride. Gaisorg started the fight and Captain Marvelous wants to end it. I guess that's what it means to be a pirate, right?

Meanwhile Yamato enters the fray as Zyuoh Eagle. Only Kaneko Noboru shows up as Kakeru as the other two are acted by stunt doubles only. I feel this one vs. three fight is amazing. I admit, I always sucked at Mortal Kombat Trilogy's one vs. three endurance matches without using the cheesy boss characters! This scene also seems to show what I'd call a generation gap and how Super Sentai powers evolve overtime. Zyuoh Eagle uses all his powers to win the round.

It's hard not to ignore that both Yamato and Kakeru kinda look alike. It's almost like Kakeru is the big brother of Yamato. I really love how Kakeru gives his advice that team superheroes are based on a mutual trust before he leaves the set.

A bit of 90s fever with an 80s Super Sentai hero. Talk about two of my favorite reds are in there namely Red Mask and Ryuuranger! The battle is interrupted as Gaisorg appears and shows what he's made of! Old school warriors are most likely out of their prime! This reminds me that actor Kazunori Inaba who played Red Mask is old enough to be my father -- he's turning 60 years old this year as well. Is this a nod of the ever-growing generation gap in Tokusatsu and why old school Super Sentai may not click with a younger generation? IMHO I'm fine with it actually considering that I don't find myself really enjoying old school shows that are much older than I am!

So what's with Shunsuke Nishikawa also playing Gaisorg? Is this a hint that said actor will play a part  in Ryusoulger? In due fairness, said actor has actually improved from his time in Ninninger. I may not be a fan of Ninninger (and I only love to rant nonsense about how it's "better" than Ninja Steel because the girls are hotter) but I could say the characters were still fine. Sure, the character of Takaharu was an idiot hero but he's tolerable. So what's the idea of Nishikawa playing as Gaisorg as well? Is this a nod to where you have the same actor or actress playing as different characters in Tokusatsu?

Stinger then ends up breaking in and finding something terrible. Rita has been researching on the history of Super Sentai and for what? Well, it looks like that we're getting some Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Gaim vibes here with that "single wish". Yet, we have a diabolical plan which is to presumably revive Dai Satan himself! I wonder how will our heroes destroy a resurrected Dai Satan? I hope we'll get a cool scene with that!

Meanwhile, there's more teasers going on. What's up with these guys showing up every now and then? I just wish March 17, 2019 will come soon! Hehehehehehehe! Dragon Quest theme!

Next week, there's going to be the discovery. Doggie Kruger will also appear. I just wonder what about the other Dekarangers? I just wish that Hoji my favorite Dekaranger will be making an appearance but oh well. Doggie would show something that he's made of. 


  1. Kakeru isn’t the greatest Red Leader but he was easy to insert, because he was very available as a actor. Man did he get old, you can see the aging on him.

    What is a big cheat is Keichi Wada and Satomi Hirose. They where down in appearing as Ryo and Tsuruhime but was reduce to voice over.
    With Super Sentai, this started with Daisuke Shima reprising Red Falcon in the Zyuohger movie.
    As he got older and fatter. The directors just have discrimination for the physicality and feels safer to just have him dub.

    1. I would agree with several of your sentiments. For me, it's better if Ryo, Tsurihime and Yuusuke all appeared in the flesh to show us how much time has passed!


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