Rangers with the Same First Names in Super Sentai

Okay this is bound to be filled with errors but here goes nothing...

Akira Shinmei (Blue Ranger), Akira Momoi (Denzi Pink) and Akira (Blue Mask)- Akira Shinmei is the first blue ranger in history and later, Akira of Maskman was also a blue ranger.  Strangely enough in between, Akira Momoi is a female.  LOL.

Gorou Sakurai (Spade Ace) and Gorou Hoshinou (Oh Red)- Both were red rangers and karate and judo experts.  Also Hiroshi Miyauchi appeared in both JAKQ and Ohranger.

Tatsuya Midorikawa (Denzi Green) and Tatsuya Asami (Time Red)- Both are teachers in self-defense sports.  Denzi Green coaches boxing, Time Red coaches karate.

Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five, Hikaru/Ginga Yelow and Hikaru/Magishine- This is pretty strange that two more Hikarus were male.

Ryu Hoshikawa (Dyna Black) and Ryu Tendo (Red Hawk)- Okay this is kind of weird of a black ranger and a red ranger sharing the same first name.  However both are pretty good fighters in their own way.  Not surprisingly, Jetman succeeded Fiveman with the "clue" of the name Ryu Hoshikawa.

Takeru (Red Mask) and Takeru Shiba (Shinkenger)- They're both red rangers sharing the same first name.  Aside from that, they're both fiery, overrated by many fans like myself, fan shipped with either the pink or yellow ranger of their show (resulting to some stupid fan wars... ha ha ha), leaders of their own groups and well, they do have their own hyperactive childhood days revealed in some way.  They're also both two of my favorite rangers.  
Kenta (Black Mask) and Kenta Date (Megaranger)- Another black ranger and red ranger sharing the same first name.  Kenta Date here is a slacker at the beginning of the series who eventually matures.  Kenta/Black Mask is more of an occasional slacker.

Gaku Hoshikawa (Five Red) and Gaku Washio (Gao Yellow)- Both are master swordsmen and air pilots.

Ken Hoshikawa (Five Blue) and Ken Hisatsu (GekiChopper)- It's gone from blue to white. Not much in common except first names.

Gai Yuki (Black Condor) and Gai Ikari (Gokaisilver)- Gai Yuki started of as a street wolf with a hidden heart of gold, who tried to act cool and tough while inside, he truly cared about people which was evident even early on though he denies it.  Gai Ikari on the other hand, reveals his heart of gold quite earlier and he is a selfless character.  Sadly the two never met, what was Toshiki Inoue thinking about being so unkind to Gai Ikari?!  Gai Yuki died (but the cause of his death was not mentioned in Gokaiger 28 leaving an imagination to think how he really died, I guess he must have survived the mugging, continued as a soldier and then later died in an actual battle, perhaps during the Baranoia invasion as many military men died, he may have been in that list) while Gai Ikari was just rumored that he will die in Gokaiger after that episode, fortunately he didn't or Gai Yuuki will go nuts being near that Gai. Maybe Gai Yuki hates Gai Ikari...?!  What if Gai Ikari is a natto lover?  We'll never know but I think Gai Ikari is!

Kai Samezu (Gao Blue) and Kai Ozu (Magiranger)- Both Kais were the youngest males in their group.

Updated on: April 20, 2012


  1. AFAIK its Shirou Gou not Gou Shirou...

  2. You have some missing. There is:
    Hayate/Change Gryphon and Hayate/Ginga Green

    Tsubasa/Change Phoenix and Tsubasa/Magi Yellow

    Riki/Red Turbo and Riki/King Ranger

    Hikaru/Ginga Yellow and Hikaru/Magi Shine

  3. Just so you know, Dan and Gou are the family names of DynaRed and Red One, respectively. Their given names are Hokuto (DynaRed) and Shiro (Red One).

  4. What about Gai Yuuki (Black Condor, Jetman) and Gai Ikari (GokaiSilver, Gokaiger)? Or the fact that three series (Bioman, Gingaman and Magiranger) had a Ranger called Hikaru?

  5. Thanks everyone for providing the correct information. Memory can be so dull.

  6. Dont forget Gorou Sakurai/Spade Ace and Gorou Hoshino/OhRed

  7. you forgot Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink 5 and Akira Momoi/Denji pink

  8. It's Ken Hisatsu, not Ken Fukami. Fukami is the surname of Gou and Retsu.

  9. You forgot something: Jun Kiyama of Denjiman and Jun Yabuki of Bioman. Both have yellow colors. Jun of Denjiman was a male while Jun of Bioman was a female.

  10. you also forgot shirou akebono/battle kenya and shirou gou/red 1


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