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Some Great Events for 2011 for Power Rangers-Sentai Fans

Yup as the year ends, here's what everybody's looking forward to:

Strictly for Goseiger fans, the Goseiger finale. I personally think the show's not my type or is Shinken-mania affecting me?

February 5, 2011 will be the premier of Power Rangers Samurai. Too bad Saban wasn't able to return earlier. And well, here it is. I've heard that they plan to make it a fun season which is kind of in contrast to Shinkenger which was a more serious season.

The coming of the Goukaigers and the 35th Sentai anniversary. Why do I get the feeling it'll be better than Goseiger? I just hope my fixation on Shinkenger won't stop me from watching the show. It will be on February 11, 2011.

Some Cool Sentai Cosplay Photos Mostly from Thailand

Here are some cool Sentai cosplay photos I found on the Internet. Hee hee. Anyway, I felt like these photos are just cool. Other pictures take from, or
Dressed up as the Goseigers.

Hey how did that child grow so old so fast?! Ha ha.

Dressed up as Jan and Rio.

What the? Bouken Silver is with... LIGHT from Death Note? Ha ha!
Forever Red... but not complete anyway!

Yellow ranger cosplay! Forever yellow!

Cosplaying as the planeteer Sentai group... the Go-ongers!

Cosplay from Thailand. Bouken Red and Kamen Rider Kabuto costumes never looked this good for cosplayers.

Bouken Red and Kamen Rider Kabuto saving children. Joke.

An interesting Thai cosplay group. Almost looks like the show.

We have Magired, Magigreen, Kamen Rider Black RX and Deka Red visiting the MALL in Thailand in MBK centers in Thailand. Wow Black RX I thought you already were running a beef store? Joke.

Here's what Sentai characters do after tehy save children- pictur…

Goseiger Masks Along with Other Japanese Characters

I got this picture from Muza-Chan's Gate to Japan. Strangely enough, we have Goseiger mixed with some older Kamen Riders.

The Goranger Train in Japan!

Here's a picture I got from and I find this pretty cool if you ask me. To any Toku blogger, feel free to use this image if you want. :-P

Presenting the Goukaiger Cast

Once again, the ever-reliable Henshin Grid has provided information and photos. Yup. Here is the photo of the cast:

We have the following in the cast and I'll list them from left to right:
Koike Yui as Goukai PinkShimizu Kazuki as Goukai Green
Ozawa Ryota as Goukai Red
Yamada Yuuki as Goukai Blue
Ichimichi Mao as Goukai Yellow
I personally think this cast really looks promising. Hmmm... and here's a few of my comments:
Ozawa Ryota looks like a PRINCE.Ichimichi Mao looks like she's got mixed Caucasian blood. Me... well I I have Caucasian blood too like how many Caucasians have gotten Oriental blood.

Sentai Kurismas Cakes... Hee Hee!

Here are some interesting and cute Kurismas cakes or Christmas cakes from Japan. Any American would call these the Power Rangers cakes if they didn't know the term "Super Sentai" and kept calling it "Japanese Power Rangers":

The pictures taken from:

An Abaranger cake. Too bad though, Zyuranger had none. Anyway, I think Jason David Frank would be pleased to get one of these if he went on a holiday in Japan.

The Special Police Dekaranger cake. If you ask me though, Banban Akaza and Marie Gold would have this together.

If you're a sibling of three boys and two girls, this cake would be the best. Ma-ma-magiranger! Hmmm Fiveman and Gogo V can go get one or make their own. Ha ha.

We have the Boukenger cake. Surely we can have this for adventurers.

The Gekiranger cake. Well I suppose this would be popular among Chinese fans. Being Chinese in ethnicity myself, I agree. I would get …

This Goukaiger Promo's HUGE!

I took this picture from Henshin Grid. Anyway looking at it, we do have a LOT of red rangers in this photo and I mean, most of them right now are having a new direction in life. So I really thought of it that aside from Gaoranger being the 25th entry in 2001 (and Timeranger showcased the previous Sentai series in a special episode) and then we have Boukenger by 2006 as the 30th entry, Goukaiger is the 35th season. From what I heard, they will be traveling into different eras so has Sentai's timeline been changed? I don't know. As of recent, Toei said that each show is a standalone though.

Seasons Greetings To You All!

Sean Akizuki would like to wish you all Season's Greetings to you all. Have a HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY! In Japanese, "Merry Kurismas" but hee hee, I'm not really Japanese by citizenship!

A Thought Between Super Sentai and Power Rangers with Yuletide Specials

I personally thought it over that lately, Power Rangers doesn't have much of the holiday specials especially the holidays specials. So here's a little bit of pondering I've done- Power Rangers may be composed of multi-ethnic teams but they're basically mostly American like Asian-American or African-American vs. the fact that Super Sentai is an all-Japanese team with occasional half-breeds.

If I'm not wrong, Power Rangers started the idea of having a Christmas special. Above is an ornament that may never be done for Super Sentai characters. We don't see Zyuranger decors do we?

In Season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which was using Kakuranger footage, we have Rito Revolto and Goldar taking over the North Pole. Keep in mind that Kakuranger had a Yuletide special too before this but it was far more action packed.

In Zeo, we had sort of an alternate future with an aging Tommy (and married to Kat) where they mention an event of ethnicity conflict among the rang…

Poll Result as of December 24, 2010

Only one basic question, one question, one answer. Too bad not so many voted but here goes: From 35 votes, 33 still want the holiday specials coming. I just wonder why Saban's era of PR or Disney didn't continue the trend and Sentai did.

Marvel Influence on Super Sentai

There was a time that Marvel Comics worked with Toei prior to splitting up the partnership. So I felt like there was little Marvel comics influence to Super Sentai like:

Battle Fever J had the motif similar to Captain America's comrades in World War II. Not only that the name Miss America was also used.

In Changeman, we have the Gozma. Let's see- we have Giluke is similar to Terrax in personality. Also Bazoo the Living Planet is similar to Ego the Living Planet- both villains devoured planets and were extremely callous.

In Fiveman, Vulgyre was like Galactus. He devoured planets in order to survive.

Missed any? Let me know!

"Shinkenger Hints" in Past Super Sentai

Before Shinkenger, the idea of the samurai seems to be hinted for a decade or more. Here are the following series as one or more of the team wore samurai suits or at least, the actor or actress:

Battle Fever J introduced a samurai-like robot and Commander Kurama Tetsuzan was an expert in handling the samurai sword.

Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II was a master in Kendo.

One episode of Denziman had the team in several cosplays, one of them being the samurai.

Changeman Influence in Power Rangers in Space

Here are some Changeman influences in Power Rangers in Space. :-P

The concept of space travel although Changeman didn't travel that much.

The enemy setting. I kind of considered Dark Specter to be similar to Bazoo, except Bazoo IMO is more badass than Dark Specter.  Also Shiima like Astronema was brainwashed from childhood, developing a cold personality in the process and is redeemed in the end.